Jamie Bamber with scruffThis is kinda old, but go down to PSA #7 on this list of GLAAD’s “Be an Ally & a Friend” PSA Campaign videos. There you will see Jamie Bamber declaring his love for me, with scruff. Jamie Bamber is an actor who once played the role of a pilot of a space ship on a sci-fi show whose name I forgot because they can’t get their shit together and produce some goddamn new episodes.
I have some New Year’s resolutions. The first is to ask for help in fixing the goddamn broken RSS feed on this blog. The link to subscribe is at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. It is working for some people, but other readers – particularly some whiny Mac users who are too lazy to simply bookmark this blog’s address or who read sooo many blogs that they can’t be bothered to bookmark or memorize a URL – have been whining constantly about it. Their voices have become a keening wail of absolute misery due to inconvenience beyond the scope of my understanding. The grief and human suffering that they must have to endure every day must be crushing to their spirits. So to stop these bitches from whining constantly about my RSS feed not working, I’m asking if any of you out there know how to debug the shit. I have no clue what is wrong with it, but something broke during the migration to this new blog interface. All I get is HTML/XML script on a page when I click on it. It doesn’t start up an aggregator or offer up a way to subscribe like it should. I personally don’t give a shit because when you open a browser and type in the URL of this blog like you would in the olden days, it works just fine.
My work-related resolution is to better communicate the publication production process and marketing efforts to my coworkers to better streamline these processes and to help them understand what I need to do my job. This will hopefully prevent misunderstandings and make my job a little easier. For example, when you receive the full-color photoprint proof from the printer, it is not time to add stories or make major changes in the copy text. At that point you look for really obvious errors – the copy proofing should have been done long before that point. Again, they think I shoot glossy hard copy out of my ass in a magical fashion, so they must be educated on the mundane facts about how it’s really done.
The other resolution is to not be chunky by early spring. The series of food-related holidays hasn’t helped but I’m doing pretty good so far. I also want to be cardio-ready for rugby by springtime.


  1. Sean. Spelled the Right Way. says:

    IN:RE Jamie
    I will cut out your eyes with a rusty Cylon fingernail if you *even* look at my husband again, betch! He’s mine mine mine mine.
    IN:RE Mac users
    Really, Jimbo? Really? Melodramatic much?
    Love ya babe, don’t change. Sorta.

  2. Brian says:

    It looks like the script that is generating the atom.xml file is missing one (or more) include files. When I tried to view the file in IE7, I got an error… but I could use “View Source” to see the code. Appended to the end is the following:
    Warning: include(/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit/php/mt.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/www/users/khargie/jimbo/weblog/mtview.php on line 7

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit/php/mt.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit2/plugins/WidgetManager/php:/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit2/plugins/Textile/php:/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit2/plugins/MultiBlog/php:/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit2/plugins/Markdown/php:/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit2/php/lib:/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit2/php/extlib:/usr/www/users/khargie/blogit2/php/extlib/smarty/libs:.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /usr/www/users/khargie/jimbo/weblog/mtview.php on line 7
    (I also noticed the same message the bottom of the comment submission page.)
    Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about MT to offer specific advice.

  3. Mari says:

    Speaking for some Mac users, I have no problem with your blog and get you via an aggregator. I subscribe to a bunch of blogs, and yours is not a problem.

  4. homer says:

    For some reason I just assumed that color copy shot out of your behind! I’m really disappointed that it doesn’t.

  5. atari_age says:

    Hmmm… I think Jamie may have to move back into the top of my rankings!
    Re: the feed… since you’ve got some custom job going on here, it could be a lot of things – but have you tried sending the feed through feedburner.com? After setting up, you’ll get a new link for the feed and sometimes it corrects some of the burps in the original feed.

  6. stebbins says:

    I always get Jamie Bamber (Battlestar) mixed up with Ben Browder (Farscape). Then I remember that Ben is soooo much hotter, and that makes it all better.

  7. Michael-Astynax Caminiti says:

    Wait.. Color copy doesn’t become rectal missiles? Damn Jimbo that would be an awesome third wave power!
    As for the RSS feed.. what’s so hard about a bookmark? That used to be the thing way back in the old Netscape days. lol
    Hrmm.. Jimbo, Jamie and Ben.. now that would be a fun thing to imagine.

  8. Lee says:

    Sorry, Jim but the reason for the delay in BSG shows is that Bamber’s been busy over at my place keeping me “entertained”. Browder’s been here too.

  9. Jeff says:

    I will gladly own up to my own Mac-fanboy-ness, my RSS-complainey-ness, and my hyphen-ness overuse-ness.
    The problem with bookmarks is that they don’t let you know that a site has updated. If you’d like to load over 1000 webpages everyday manually that’s fine. I’d rather just load the ones that have updates I find interesting, which is the whole point behind RSS. Content!

  10. clickboo says:

    My problem is actually not Mac related. Your RSS feed is the only one my feeds that doesn’t work in Newsgator, which is a popular web-based reader.