Considering the volume of Nike-related SPAM I clean up in the comments section every day, you would think they could have hired me. I have been managing their frikkin’ content for years now.

Moving truck is secured, although I may get another honkin’ 16′ truck, which I learned I don’t need. I had plenty of space on the last trip. This time I opted for a 12′ truck which would be much easier to manage when I get to DC (and driving across country). I emphasized that with the fleet manager on the phone, but may end up with another huge truck. Maybe I’ll pick up pronghorn antelope roadkill to bring in for all the foodies in DC.

It’s already snowing in the Rockies, and I’m a bit concerned about the drive over the pass in Idaho. On my last trip the weather was nearly perfect, although I was driving a few weeks earlier in September. Birds are migrating though, which should make the drive through the ecologically significant prairie pothole region of South Dakota and southern Minnesota more interesting. I hope I don’t get distracted trying to identify all the swans and geese along the way.

My oldest brother, who lives up the Columbia Gorge outside of Portland, is driving with me as far as Wisconsin to visit family. This should be good if I want to extend driving beyond nightfall. Last time I quit driving at sunset for safety purposes since I was alone and was worried about falling asleep at the wheel. On the down side there may be some sibling bickering along the way.
>; )
I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Voice on NBC, but it was always nice to stop by to ogle Adam Levine for a few minutes. But this season he is fully bearded. I may be watching more often:


  1. brettcajun says:

    Eww… I can’t stand guys who don’t shave their beards on the neck. It looks grungy and pot-headed.

  2. Harper's Keeper says:

    Looking at Adam is the best part of The Voice but I don’t love the beard. All a matter of taste, of course but I’d prefer a little more ‘5 o’clock shadow’ and a little less ‘Mormon pioneer’.

  3. jimbo says:

    I love pot-heads and Mormon pioneers. A pot-headed Mormon pioneer would be awesome!

  4. brettcajun says:

    NOTE TO JIMBO’s MOM: Ma’am… please greet Jimbo at the door with a switch from the tree and a LARGE bar of the nastiest soap. It must be done. :)

  5. Jeffrey C says:

    Pothead or Mormon pioneer aside, that shirt simply has to go.