My twelve days of holiday leave is almost over. Despite all the time on my hands I just wasn’t motivated to blog much. Like the upstairs neighbor, “‘monbreak.” I did manage to tidy the place up a bit, meet up with friends a lot and catch up on sleep. So much so that my sleep schedule has reverted almost entirely to noctournal, so getting up tomorrow for work is going to be painful.
I went out to dinner with Skip and Charlie for my birthday, and then we went out to meet my people at Halo. It was raining that evening so I had brought my umbrella, which I foolishly put in the umbrella rack at the door. On my way out I saw that it was gone. Somebody stole my umbrella-ella-ella, eh-eh-eh.
Did anyone catch any cooties on New Year’s Eve? I went out to dinner at Cafe Berlin with friends. The food there is delicious, and so is the fresh beer:
Ed & Jimbo
The Gurls on New Year's Eve
According to the Washington Post, squirrels are ‘in’ and meercats are ‘out’.
I purchased The Original Broadway Cast Recording of Xanadu on Broadway, and it’s a nice testament to the durability of Jeff Lynne’s music and of O.N-J’s range, which Kerry Butler can’t match, but gives a good try. The best covers are from the male lead Cheyenne Jackson, who was a last-minute replacement for the original actor who wiped out on roller skates during pre-opening rehearsals. I’m also warming up to Raising Sand album featuring Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.
As for movies, Sweeney Todd was nice and I liked the look of the film. I Am Legend was a nice Americanized version of 28 Days Later, but it coulda been a miniseries or something. I’m looking forward to Cloverfield and need to see Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem before it goes to DVD.


  1. Jim (The Canuck One) says:

    re: Alien vs. Predator: Requiem? No you don’t. TRUST me.

  2. DancerInDC says:

    Cafe Berlin is one of our all-time favorites! Great choice for a New Year’s celebration.
    Happy 2008!

  3. brettcajun says:

    Oh my Gawd. Don’t tell DBud that Meerkats are out. That will surely bum him out. I personally couldn’t watch anymore baby Meerkats being hauled away (and killed) by eagles or rival Meerkats. Those scenes almost made me cry time and time again.
    Have a great start to 2008 Jimbo! :) BIG HUG.

  4. Dax says:

    Bit of Geek trivia for you.
    “I am Legend” precedes “28 days Later” by 48 years.
    In fact when “28 days later” came out.. my brother and I said “isnt this like “the Omega man” ” but every one thought we were just being critical.
    The book is way better than the 3 movie adaptations, but the latest adaptation with Will Smith is slightly closer to the original novel.
    I am skeptical about Cloverfield.. given JJ Abrams penchant for hyping stuff up, I am going to see it with no expectations what so ever.

  5. henry says:

    Only a dead squirrel is a good squirrel.

  6. cb says:

    Sorry to hear about your umbrella-ella-ella, ay-ay-ay

  7. Rob says:

    Saw Sweeney Todd last night … it was a tad slow in spots but then again the Broadway play was the same way … and they kind of dropped what happened to his daughter and the kid getting found by the cops. “I Am Legend” is a remake of the old movie “Omega Man” from the 70’s starring Charlton Heston – supposedly there are some homage to the original film in the new one.
    Happy belated birthday … and you don’t look a bit older my young man!

  8. jimbo says:

    Rob/Dax: Yes, I know I Am Legend is another take on “Omega Man”, but just because I didn’t mention it doesn’t mean I haven’t read it 3,000 times in various press releases and didn’t want to bother to touch on that subject. Thanks everyone: I am aware that “I Am Legend” is a version of “Omega Man.”

  9. Dax says:

    Just read the NOvel “I am Legend” (Published in 1957?) The Novel was way ahead of its time in regards to genetic manipulation, plagues and stuff that is commonplace in todays horror genres, plus the twist at the end is ever so fun.
    its way better than the horrific 1960s adaptation “Omega Man”

  10. Dennis! says:

    I lost a pretty nice umbrella (ella, ella, ay, ay ay) at Halo to the very same M.O. you describe. This is why I will never use communal umbrella (resisting the urge to Rihanna again) can ever again, especially at Halo, where apparently no honor system exists.

  11. scotte says:

    Happy New Year…Cafe Berlin is a favorite, try to get there when we can, which isn’t often enough.

  12. Sam says:

    You’re too handsome for words. It should really be illegal to look so good. Srsly.