Mother of DragonsWhen everybody was talking about the shocking Game of Thrones finale I had no idea what people were talking about. And considering my geek cred, I was ashamed. Many of my nerdy kin had been talking about the series for the past few years, but while I was in DC we had cheap cable that didn’t have HBO. I’m catching up on the series but I’m way behind on True Blood as well. I’m a few episodes away from the finale, and another season is on the way. I’m officially a fan.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s an addictive series that follows the intrigues and fighting between royal families to gain control of the Iron Throne. It’s basically a violent medieval soap opera. There aren’t many overt displays of magic in the first season but by the third season arcane displays and scary monsters have started to pop up here and there and promise to become more of a factor in future episodes.

More important is the amazing cast, many of whom play woofy, bearded characters. So here is Khaleesi‘s picks for the top 5 Game of Thrones hotties who may share the Iron Throne when she brings her dragons to conquer King’s Landing:

Robb StarkRobb Stark is a pretty dreamboat with auburn highlights in his wavy hair. An obvious choice as he’s just and handsome and from a good family but I hear he’s not long for the world…

Renly BaratheonRenly Baratheon is another appropriate suitor – he looks good in a funky crown and armor, and has a nice beard. And he’s a known sword swallower too. But he lets his boyfriend shave his chest is vulnerable to shadow assassin attacks.

GrennGrenn is a ginger. That’s all Khaleesi really needs. Built like a linebacker and likes the cold. He’s loyal to his friends but a bit dim. Probably couldn’t handle the court intrigue at King’s Landing.

TormundHowabout a crazed ginger? Tormund also likes the cold and has an epic beard. But don’t go ice climbing with him. He’s a loose cannon.

That leaves us with a minor character Anguy the Archer. Good with a bow, nice beard, dreamy eyes. So far he’s still alive, but we probably won’t see much of him in future episodes but Khaleesi doesn’t care:
Anguy the Archer
In other news, no word from the Dept. of Forestry job in two weeks, which doesn’t bode well. I’ve had a ton of informational interviews and more on the way, and some strategic placement of my resumes here and there (we hope). The summer in Portland has been as fantastic as promised, with clear blue skies for weeks. I need to go camping soon while it’s nice, but have a few trips planned which I hope to share later.


  1. OhioTom says:

    Just a quick note to let you know I appreciate your blog.

  2. brettcajun says:

    Please note the appropriate size of the beards here (except Tormund). Beards can make a man look distinguished. Too much, and you look crazy like a crazy homeless man. Happy Canada Day! 😉