Oh hey it’s been a while. I moved and am now a housecub. I’m mostly settled, the new place is lovely, has no cats, and I get to have a garden plot. I’ve already planted acorn squash but have no idea how they’ll do in Oregon. This is a completely different growing scene than what I’m used to. I’m going to try potatoes for the first time as well.

I went to see my brother graduate from his nursing program, and of course I had to stop at Bonneville Dam to see more LAMPREYS!
They’re gross but cool in a way. Lamprey Pride.

It was Pride weekend here in Portland. I had fun! Because there’s a parade and a festival with cotton candy and I saw a bunch of people I got to catch up with. Of course it’s the season for dissent against Pride festivals for a few. This year’s article written by an angertwink is again about how we don’t need Pride celebrations. But it doesn’t speak for the majority of people who somehow manage to have fun at Pride.

This year I marched with the organization I’ve been volunteering with. The organization provides housing, medical services, and skills training to help homeless youth get off the street and back on their feet. Many of these youth are LGBT who were kicked out of their homes for being gay. Because that still happens even though some angertwinks still think we don’t need Pride celebrations. Anyway, a couple of heterosexual coworkers/allies brought their kids, dressed them up as small unicorns and put rainbow stuff all over their kiddie bikes and they all had a blast. I saw from pictures from DC Pride that a few straight allies marched with the Renegades to wave some rainbow flags and they also had fun. Perhaps we can learn from heterosexuals in these trying times: you should have fun at parades. It’s OK to have fun. And if you don’t think you’ll have fun then stay home.


  1. brettcajun says:

    Upon carefully reading the angertwinks article, I can see the point the author was trying to make. Some Pride celebrations DO seem like commercial endeavors to drum up bar business more than an altruistic march for civil rights. But I am glad you got your drink on and possibly removed the Jimbo edginess we all deal with! :)

  2. Kevin M says:

    Brett/Jimbo: Sure, Pride celebrations can be commercial endeavors to drum up bar business. What’s Christmas, after all, but a big plot by retailers to get people to spend a ton of money on gifts and decorations? What’s Valentine’s Day but a way to guilt (mostly) men into buying candy and flowers and dinner for (mostly) women? What’s Halloween or Easter but a big candy-promotion program? What’s the 4th of July except an excuse to guilt people into using that $400 gas grill that otherwise sits most of the year, unused?

    We live in a commercial world. Some of us are capable of looking beyond, past, or over the sales brochures and the drink specials and just celebrating something worth celebrating.

  3. Erik Rubright says:

    Great. Now when I see a pool noodle, I’m going to think it’s a lamprey in disguise waiting to attack.

    That, or BrettCajun’s prolapsed rectum.

  4. kalalaumango says:

    FUN?? FUN?? great idea….provided you haven’t been riding on the horn of a unicorn to keep it corralled for your own selfish pleasure. yes, i know that group in portland….quite great. it’s true that when kids need a lift-up off the street after being kicked out — it’s not bette davis smoking cigarettes giving a strap-on bend over to tickle the prostate of the remaining boys in the band who’ve lingered too long and hope that the trauma these kids have faced can be balanced by their titillation for sordid lives. FUN?? FUN?? great idea. more fun than passing out from anemia. bless their hearts. thank you and happy pride. awesome photo.