BrettCajun keeps sending me lewd text messages. This is the most recent one – a pic of him giving me kissy-face:
Actually it’s a pic of a lamprey attached to the viewing window at the Bonneville Dam fish ladders. There were also shad and salmon running when Kiri and I stopped briefly to watch:
Bonneville Fish Viewing
Yep that’s a salmon in the lower right of the image – a king or chinook I think. When fish are running it means that these fish are migrating upstream from the ocean to spawn, as they are anadromous. I like critters that swarm and migrate and stuff like that. Sadly I’m missing the cicada swarm back in DC! Anyway, I’d love to work there. I used to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lock & Dam #15 on the Mississippi River. There were a few positions open there I had applied to when I arrived, but the fucking sequester ended those options. The Army Corps is suffering even more brutal cutbacks than other federal agencies at this time.

Kiri had a conference in that area and I tagged along for the day. While she was conferencing I decided to explore the area around Hood River to check out the neighborhoods and outlying areas should I get offered the job out there. I must say the scenery is idyllic (click on any image to embiggen!):
Columbia Gorge
My brother – who lives in that area and knows the dude I’ve been interviewing with – said I needed to make a follow-up call to continue expressing interest. I had already sent a follow-up email and bro said interviews are a lot like dates, and calling is better than texting or emailing. I rarely listen to him but this time he had a good point. So I did call and was promised a return call but it never came. Interviews are a lot like dates also in that you can get an impression from non-communication as well as direct communication. And non-communication is what they do best in this region. I don’t want to be stalky, and my guess is it’s not gonna happen. I would have taken the job, but part of me is also relieved. I’d be the only gay in the village if I moved there, however scenic:
Purple Mountain Magesty
I know, I know, I need a job but I’ve also lived in remote situations away from urban gay centers before. There are mistakes I don’t need to repeat again. I hate to think I’m dependent on gay ghettos, but no matter how many close friends you have it’s also good to be around people who “get it,” who are like you. With the Internet it’s a lot easier to be gay in rural areas but having the option to hang out with others of your kind in person is crucial to mental wellness. I remember how I felt out on the cold Siberian steppes of Kazakstan as the only gay in the village. Desperation is not something that comes easy to me. I guess I’m a city gurl at heart.


  1. Blobby says:

    you know that ain’t brett, as it can’t seem to purse its lips, as only he can do.

  2. brettcajun says:

    I was taught by the great and wonderful blogger formerly known as “Durban Bud” how to properly purse my lips in EVERY photo. Then I realized he was afflicted by Purserpes, a rare STD. Now, I pose normally like a normal human being in thousands of pics every single day. So, far… no sign of Purserpes yet! Whew!

    Anyway, back to Jimbo… nice photos! Good luck with the job search. You are getting older, honey. I think you should settle down in ONE location with ONE man… eventually. We are all praying for you! :)

  3. homer says:

    I lived in Wyoming for five months and did not see another out gay person the entire time (this was pre-internet). It was not healthy.

  4. Brent says:

    “Attention. ATTENTION! This is Ms. Schuester speaking. There is a swarm of killer bees headed this way!”

    As spoken by none other than Olivia de Havilland, in that classic The Swarm.

  5. kalalaumango says:

    there is something to be said for ghettos removed from being bubbles, when my faggot ass has been working on many programs including some very, very stupid faggot projects that “don’t get it”. yes, i love LA and enjoyed Miami, NY still hasn’t grown up post 9/11, being in beautiful areas is wonderful, but it’s horrible how gay people can eat homophobic crap. i hope many are growing up much more than the diet of redneck opera that seemed to be so popular in some circles — leaving me with mouth agape as WOW. yes, i love cities, and gay neighborhoods can be amusing and fun, but at times provincial as life in a bubble can be. when i think of people to whom i’d given credit — hate crimes are hate crimes. apathy from a population — particularly gay — who are silent while someone has been doing community service….well, let’s just say, it’s a showcase of the most pathetic crap i’ve ever seen in my life. having worked, lived, studied on 4 continents — and plenty in gay life, it’s been a showcase that cheeky, witty, snappy commentary cannot touch when faced with the truth of apathy in many camps. good luck with your search in oregon. lovely area. yes, a good twirl is great. yet, more gay people need to be crossing the bridge rather than making adolescent jokes about crosswalks. peace.

  6. Charles says:

    Hey former neighbor, we didn’t have an cicadas in DC. Brood II was a complete bust. Some of my coworkers in Prince William County had some. I guess we’ll just have the annual dog day cicadas as usual. I think that the periodical cicadas that have lifespans of 13 or 17 years (both prime numbers) are very cool.