Clockwise from top: Mssr. Theodore Shithead, Miss Pepper Crazytail and Isabella (Izzy) Scaredkitty.

I used to pick on Homer and TJ for being Crazy Cat Ladies. One year I even sent Homer a Crazy Cat Lady action figure. But now the tables have turned and I am a Crazy Cat Lady. I’m going to blog about cats now.

The owners of the house I’m staying at are in France for a couple of weeks, so I’m taking care of them while their people are gone. They got the cats when we had critters in the attic in December. I think the varmints were squirrels who had moved in for the winter. The roommates wanted cats anyway but the presence of critters in the house expedited the acquisition. So they got three rescue cats from the shelter. The attic critters have since departed.

Mssr. Theodore Shithead was very young when he arrived. He’s very cute but still behaves like a kitten much of the time and is an overall pain in the ass. He gets into everything and knocks shit over all the time. You can’t see it easily in the photo but he has a white kitty mustache, which is why I call him Monsieur Theodore.

Miss Pepper Crazytail is our personal bathroom attendant. If you plan on taking a dump Pepper will be there to assist, so it’s important to keep the bathroom closed if you plan on doing anything private in there. She’s the most affectionate though and wants to be petted all the time. She is very sweet and sticks up her big fluffy tail when she’s happy, thus the name Crazytail.

Miss Isabella (Izzy) Scaredkitty has come a long way. We think she was abused in her previous home as she was scared of everything when she arrived. She particularly didn’t like me, we think because I have a beard. We’ve theorized the previous owner had a beard too. But she’s come around and likes to be petted a lot and doesn’t give me that freaked out feral look anymore. She was called Izzy as the previous owners thought she was male, but she’s female.

Being a Crazy Cat Lady is sad but it’s certainly better than being an unhygenic dog person.


  1. homer says:

    All three cats are shedding at my house. Yesterday I stepped on vomited hairballs twice. I am Crazy Cat Lord.

  2. brettcajun says:

    God has a wonderful sense of humor putting you in Cat Purgatory. You’ll be giddy with excitement changing that cat poo litter box for two long MEOOOOWY weeks. LOL. #karma

  3. Blobby says:

    the bathroom image is HILARIOUS and oh-so true.

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  5. cb says:

    It’s ok. Embrace the craycray.

    My cat is sitting atop my shoulders while I type this.

  6. Melinda says:

    Greetings for a long time lover of your blog (2005ish?), returning from a long hiatus. So glad to see you’re still letting us ride along in your adventures.

    It HAS been a long time and I haven’t caught up with your recent entries, so I’m a little surprised at the kitties… but then they are insidiously manipulative creatures. I only allow myself one Overlord, kudos to you for managing three for a while. Hopefully without injury.