Wicca Kitty is Not AmusedNot a whole lot of trick-or-treaters last night, but some kinda bust at the end of the block had the lost boys all riled up. Then there was apparently a taxicab strike going on yesterday but I didn’t see a lot of lost souls waiting on the corners for cabs like you would on New Year’s Eve. The cab drivers need to stop whining – if they wouldn’t try to cheat the passengers by taking advantage of a confusing zone map, this wouldn’t be happening. Lawlessness leads to intervention by the government, and they’ve been bad boys for a long time. Buck it up, cab drivers.

In a discussion about pumpkin security with my neighbor, we wondered why pumpkins rarely get smashed in DC. Back home in Wisconsin or out in the suburbs, your jack-o-lantern has a lifespan of under 24 hours at best. Neighbor proposed that in the city, pumpkin smashing is beneath the notice of common street thugs – they have more important things to do like mugging or dealing, whereas in the ‘burbs pumpkin smashing is the height of rebellion for pampered kids.

After having a lovely dinner with a woofy flanker last night, we came across this scene on the corner of 17th and P, NW DC:
The dancers were well-practiced, and it looked like some kind of deliberate performance, possibly a Wiccan ceremony? A wild group of trick-or-treating kids joined in the fun, which was welcomed by the dancers. Except one kid was chanting along with the finger cymbal rhythm singing “Shake dat ass! Shake dat ass!” which I found hilarious.

Here’s my neighbor gleefuly tormenting his cat:
Dana Squeezes Kitty
Wicca kitty is not amused.


  1. homer says:

    That cat looks pissed, it is probably doing some spells on you right now- scratching runes in its litter box!

  2. si kailian says:

    they look like Tribal belly dancers. Its an American variation.