Danggit I slept through the inauguration! Thankfully the Internets are there to keep me informed. Here’s dreamy Beau Biden (at right) featuring Beyonce:

Beyonce feat. Beau Biden

Beyonce, move your arm - you're blocking my view of Beau Biden.

Umm…nothin’ much else to say here. I’m survivin’ the winter. It’s actually been sunny here the last few days, with spooky ice fog at night. On the winter depression front, I seem to be doing OK so far, but ask me again in late February or March. DC wasn’t that much less gloomy than Portland in the winter, it’s just that Portland has more rain. So my previous winter mood management techniques like working out regularly and getting outside seem to be working. I also have the luxury of being able to go outside in the day to catch whatever rays I can, which I’m sure helps a lot.

Here’s another pic from my Seattle trip, me and Hester after a long night of dancing at the club:

Girls, girls, girls!

Still no full-time job, but I may be doing some part-time contract work doing media pitches. I don’t necessarily need the cash, but it gives me something to do, keeps me in practice in my skills, and is interesting work.


  1. Jim says:

    Oh man I just 20min ago saw your blog’s entry in my Google Reader and though “Wow, wonder how he’s doing?”

    You have full-spectrum lighting to combat the SADs? If not, get some. Extend the “sundown” to about 8pm. It’ll help. (Oh, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. My first set was an off the shelf light fixture, full spectrum lights and I wired it myself.

    Hang in there, we’re more than halfway out of the dark.

  2. jimbo says:

    Yep I do have a happy light but since I am able to get outside in the day I don’t have to use it much. Real sunlight > happy light.

  3. Kurt says:

    I am definitely jealous that you can just say “I don’t necessarily need the cash”. How I wish I can say that and be free do whatever I want to do without having to worry about spending all my money at once. Haha.

  4. jimbo says:

    Well Kurt to better explain myself, I do _need_ a full-time job to pay the bills in the long term. A short contracting job doesn’t pay the rent, but is good experience.