Happy Holidays and all that. It’s been a while for me and for other bloggers too, but it looks like BrettCajun redesigned his blog with a new look!

I had an interview last week, which seemed to go well but was right before the holidays so I haven’t heard back from them yet. We shall see. I’ve decided to volunteer in the mean time with a homeless youth shelter/program that serves a lot of LGBT people. The downside is that they have a waiting list for volunteer positions – I will be going for an interview for that tomorrow. It will give me something to do and meet people as well.

This is Theo, one of the three kittehs in our house. He was being naughty and climbing the Christmas tree:
Theo the Kitteh
There are two other cats in the house too. One is Pepper who is warming up to me, and the other one is Izzy who is terrified of me. I call him “Scared Kitty.” We are pretty sure he was traumatized in a previous home, we’re guessing by a bearded male as he scurries away in my presence.

The roomies wanted to get cats beforehand but got them sooner as we have critters in the attic. Once they get all their shots they will be set loose in the attic to scare them away. I suspect the critters are squirrels, but want to get a wildlife viewing camera for my birthday to catch them on film. Then I can post critter pics on this here blog.

There is holly in Portland everywhere. It loves this climate and looks seasonally festive this time of year:
Hiking is wetter and colder nowadays but we still get out and about. This is from the Eagle Creek trail up the Columbia Gorge:
Eagle Creek trail
The waterfalls along that trail were very scenic.


  1. Jim says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever lived somewhere where holly grows wild. I was about to comment about the lack of snow but I suppose your weather’s similar to Vancouver – rain until you just wanna open a vein.

  2. Blobby says:

    Theo is cute. Nice work on Brett’s site. It looks about right.

  3. Erik Rubright says:

    Merry Holidaywanza! You should do all Brett’s redesigns for him.

  4. brettcajun says:

    My blog IS due for a redesign and a new post! Anyway, let’s change the subject before Jimbo gets pissy for the spotlight shifting away from him. Can anyone bravely step forward to confirm rumors that THE Can of Tomato Soup has not gone into ONE mad acid dripping rage now that he has settled in Portland? Can it be true that we are witnessing a miracle of all miracles that a more subdued, kinder, and gentler Jimbo has sprouted from new suroundings? :)

  5. cb says:

    It is now your mission to make Izzy love you.

    and the kitteh in the tree is adorbs!

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  7. jimbo.info » Blog Archive says:

    […] plot is doing well but dry as a bone in the rainless Portland summer. I water the plants frequently:My mom got me a wildlife camera for Christmas but I hadn’t used it since then. I finally got around to putting batteries and a memory card […]