Hmm…so the world didn’t end today despite what the Mayans said and gays getting married all over the place. Anyway, moving on…

I signed up for a gym near where I’m living. I know lifting helps burn off stress and lift my spirits in the dark grey gloom of Portland’s winter. It’s not very crowded and has enough machines and stuff to keep me busy too.

Good news: I just got an email for an interview. The bad news is the job is in Salem, about an hour drive south of Portland. Obviously it’s too early to count my chickens but my hope was to live in Portland. But it’s an interesting job doing crisis communications for the whole state of Oregon during emergencies. However, it’s only part-time, which confuses me. Either the state doesn’t have enough money to fund a full-time job, or they think the job doesn’t take that much time, which I question. But I’ll ask about those aspects in the interview, and my interview suit is all dry cleaned and ready to go. Time for a haircut soon.

Last month me and the grrrls went for a hike in the Tillamook State Forest, and we stopped by the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I’m no stranger to the smell of manure, but the whole town reeked of it. They must have just spread some on a field or stirred it up that day as it was almost overwhelming. That’s why I’m grimacing in this photo, but I don’t know why Mary was smiling so much:
Tillamook Cheese


  1. Luther says:

    the mayan thingy happens on solstice!

  2. cb says:

    The world doesn’t end for another 5 days.