Dearly Beloved:

We are gathered here today to remember the Durban Bud blog, which had been dying a slow, painful death for some time. The blog is the latest casualty in a string of departures due to the horrible plague on mankind known as The Facebooks.

Durban Bud is survived by two hateful siblings and BrettCajun, who will likely continue bickering on their respective blogs until the Internet shuts down due to a massive electromagnetic storm in the distant future. Other survivors include his partner and cat, who will undoubtedly receive even more dotage in years to come.

The author sure was thorough in the shutdown though – I couldn’t even find a masthead to screenshot. I could only find this seasonal pic of the departed blog author and Charlene enjoying a night on the town.

In Chuck’s name we pray,


  1. TED says:

    Which one is Charlene?

  2. brettcajun says:

    SIGH. A sad tragedy indeed. No worries kiddos… I will never get tired of writing about ME… and kicking Jimbo in the cunt from time to time. It’s how I get through this thing called LIFE.

  3. Partick says:

    It was time to pull the plug. The gasping was becoming anoying.

  4. Ohio Tom says:

    Sadly, this is all that remains.

    Power Bottom Appreciation Day

  5. Sean says:

    My blog may not be what is used to be in the glory days, but I’m sticking around. For what that’s worth.

  6. durban bud says:

    Good image find, Ohio Tom! I have a back up of all images/text so I hope to regurgitate them all into something fresh and new in the future, if I ever feel like it again. Until then, y’all still have Brettcajun and his posts about tennis.

  7. cb says:

    Yeah, I saw that he quit… what a doodyhead.

  8. first mom says:

    So, did you take the wig with you to Oregon? I think it will wash.