While unpacking is still taking up some time, I’ve made an effort to get out on the trails around Portland when I can before the weather turns foul. Here is a Gorge-ous view of the Columbia River from Angel’s Rest trail, on the Columbia Gorge:
Columbia Gorge
There are a lot of hikes that are easy to get to from the city. In September I got out to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington on the Siouxon Trail. This forest contains the Mount St. Helens area as well, although I couldn’t see the volcano from this part of the forest:
I don’t think I’ll be ready to play rugby this season, but both Portland teams – the Portland Pigs and the Oregon Sports Union (ORSU) Rugby Club have teams equivalent in skill level to my former teams, and both also have “Old Boys” 35 and over teams. The also both practice somewhat near where I’ll be living. I managed to catch both teams play each other a few weeks ago:
Pigs vs ORSU
Looks like there will be plenty for me to do in the area.


  1. Cubby says:

    It’s kind of funny… one of my new friends at my new job in metro DC is a young man who moved here from Portland, OR. So it seems you moving from DC to Portland balances things out. The poor guy is very lonely, arriving here with one suitcase full of clothes and not a stick of furniture. Even in my 20s I don’t think I could have done that. I hope you’re not as lonely there as he is here.

  2. jimbo says:

    Get him out and about! There’s no reason a 20something shouldn’t be meeting people in DC. There’s an organization or club for everything there, and of course happy hours. Tell him to check out the rugby team – or kickball! Or gay speakers of Russian, or the car club, or hiking club, etc.

    Fortunately I have some friends and a few acquaintances here to get things moving, but am also aware that meeting people is an active process. It doesn’t happen by itself – I learned that the first time I was in Portland in ’95.

  3. brettcajun says:

    Cool pics. Damn. I need to get out of Louisiana or Texas someday and explore the rest of the country. Hiking in such beautiful areas would be fun.

  4. Harper's Keeper says:

    Beautiful pics. I love seeing what autumn looks like in places where it is actually a season.

  5. DavePDX says:

    Welcome to Portland! Didn’t realize you were here until I saw your ad on Realjock (haven’t kept up with your blog like I used to). Hope I run into you some place so I can meet you in person after knowing the print Jimbo for so long. Dave

  6. cb says:

    It appears as if you are settling in quite well! I hope you like it out there– looks gorge-ous!

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