After Missoula, Montana I had to get over the Rockies. It wasn’t so bad but by the time I got to Idaho I was feeling waves of nausea and exhaustion. I figured out it was probably the altitude I had gone through – and perhaps the toll of driving for so long. At the Kwik Stop in Kingston, Idaho I observed a woman lighting up her cigarette at the gas pump. This disturbed me since my truck and all my belongings was adjacent to her pump. Idaho was methy like that, second only in skeeziness to Indiana.

The stretch from Spokane, Washington to the Oregon border at the Columbia gorge was the worst. A whole lot of nothing but high desert and dust devils. And there wasn’t anywhere to pee either. It’s no wonder the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility is located there in the middle of nothing.

I made it as far as Arlington, Oregon that day, which was kind of ironic after driving through Arlington, Virginia on my way out of DC. The next morning I stopped at my brother’s place on the Columbia Gorge in Mosier, Oregon. He lives right by the river and windsurfs on the Columbia as much as he can. This view is just a short walk from his home:
Columbia Gorge
I wanted to get my truck into Portland before rush hour, so my visit was brief and I headed further west down the Gorge. I made a stop at beautiful Multnomah Falls and took a picture:
Multnomah Falls
I’ve got some friends from DC who moved to Portland. I’m currently crashing with this blog’s administrator and her partner. She used to play in my D&D group in DC and we’ll be starting up a new gaming group once I get my shit together.

I was eager to unload my truck and start to have access to my stuff. This was the view of the inside of my truck:
My truck filled with my stuff
I will be moving into another home soon, but the place still needs some work as my landlords are still working on it. But I did have the great convenience of unloading my stuff in that home’s attic. The landlords of this new place also lived in DC, one of them was also in my DC gaming group. This is one of the landlords, crazed on floor varnish fumes after treating the floor:
Crazed Landlord
The kitchen and bathroom in the place still need to be made liveable, so I am still crashing with the lesbians. This is OK as I’m not working yet and still learning my way around Portland. But am having a great time!


  1. Trachalio says:

    What version of D&D will ya be playing? Have you checked the playtest for D&D Next out yet?

  2. kalalaumango says:

    is that like poppers?? floor varnish….beautiful trails in oregon area. awesome river shot. skeezy stops along indiana jonezin and molotov cock and tales if not tails as i observed “tweakers on ice” bending mickey over as goofy was off on pluto busting a nut during harvest as a good roast for a culture gone mad.