'stache 1For a few days this weekend I had a ‘stache. I was even asked if I was in law enforcement. I kinda like it but didn’t want to deal with the critique and review at work. Plus my whole point in shaving was to cool off quicker, and I could still feel the caterpillar’s warmth on my upper lip. I do not need additional warmth these days. Anyway, it was about a week too late – I should have had my ‘stache for Pride weekend, because a mustache is so wonderfully gay.
Anti-pride prude Max Mutchnick, co-creator of “Will and Grace” (and the show’s minstrel gay character Jack) neets to invest in a new buttplug, if we could only fit it up his tight ass. Jeez, it’s a frikkin’ party, and as Joe.My.God writes:

They wish we were invisible.
We’re not.
Let’s dance

How many ways does it need to be argued that we still need a party if not for the simple reason that douche bags all over the world are constantly saying we’re pedophiles, zoophiles, etc. They either would like us to be quiet and/or to ultimately eliminate us. Those of you hiding behind the picket fence can either join the party or retreat and please STFU. Jon adds his own opinion here.

My home pond, garden and other things about the house have so far been unmolested by either hoodlum or varmint this summer. I remember Mari‘s theory that in ghetto-ass neighborhoods with a gang, change is very upsetting and you’ll get shit vandalized or otherwise tromped on during the first year, but after a year has passed they get over it and your change becomes part of the landscape. I think her theory is right. But I worry that the same theory could also apply to romantic potential. If you live in a town as a single person long enough, do you also eventually become an unnoticed fixture in the social landscape as a person? I’ve been here long enough that I often wonder if people see me and just think “Oh her again…” and then walk on by like Dionne Warwick. I often wonder if it would help if I were fresh meat elsewhere. The meat is still fresh, it just hasn’t been tasted thoroughly.
Pride of Pets winnerThis weekend was much calmer than the hectic Pride weekend, and I had a great time at Taint where a small group of us was treated to a fun rap duo from Baltimore named AK Slaughter. Imagine if MTV’s Daria was rapping, with a DJ spazzy gay running the turntables. Clever lyrics and a lot of fun energy, I wish them success.
On Sunday I helped out with the Pride of Pets fun dog show put on by PETS-DC in DuPont Circle. A bomb threat off of the Circle proper delayed the show, but it went onward once the mysterious package was identified as safe. Woofs all around.
This in-depth exposé of the abusive practices of the creepy, culty church of Scientology is worth a thorough read. My problem with their proselytizing on the sidewalk of R and 20th is that wary tourists tend to give them a wide berth, avoid walking on the sidewalk and then walk on the road to avoid the cultists. Some day someone’s gonna get run over by a car trying to avoid their cultiness. And the avoiding sane people will then walk in the bike lane that I use. I understand the tourists are trying to avoid getting Thetan cooties, but it’s irritating. Regardless, “Tom Cruise Kills Oprah” cracks me up EVERY TIME.
At first I thought the film 2012 was an ill fated sequel to 2001, but it’s a movie about armageddon! I’m looking forward to it.


  1. Chris says:

    ‘Stache looks/ed great, Jimbo.

  2. Dyl says:

    Very retro look. You should see the photo’s my husb rediscovered this weekend from the 80s :D. I’m not sure about 2012 – the concept the movie’s based on is flawed (it’s just a Mayan calendar change event) but I guess the movie might be ok in spite of that…. I am looking forward to the next Harry Potter movie tho…

  3. Jim (The Canuck One) says:

    You have the perfect face. Hair-free you look great and having read you for a number of years, I have to say you can work just about any facial hair you like very well. (Now, you’ve never shown up with a Adolph H mini-stache – but one’d need a miracle to make that work.)
    As for 2012, I’m so there. I love explosions, buildings being destroyed and the earth’s crust swallowing things. (I also can suspend my knowledge of basic physics, geophysics, etc. for up to 2hrs!)

  4. geir says:

    Ha! so it was you at taint! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’m in DC at the moment, visiting my bf and we went out to taint the other night. Anyway>>>>>>small world!

  5. Jimcski says:

    Poor Jimbo. I think you suffer from the intimidation factor. You are so good looking, most guys think you are out of their league!
    Date a few trolls, then maybe more guys will get the courage to chat you up. I’d be willing to volunteer as a temporary troll.
    On the other hand, maybe you are uglier in person 😉

  6. Sikes says:

    No. He’s not uglier in person. He’s a hottie!

  7. caminitistyle says:

    Jimbo, as I said before, your stache is legendary, you make it work out well.
    As for people not approaching you, I know I would be more than a little intimidated to approach you at all. You’re just too damn good looking!