Despite recent small and temporary advances in securing some rights that might make us kind of equal to heterosexuals, many bloggers, pundits and organizations are still cranky about this week’s progress. How many qualifiers did I put in that first sentence? About 5. Anyway, how could we be so ungrateful after being thrown such a delicious, juicy bone?
Because it’s just a dry, stale Scooby Snack, that’s why. And most of us recognize it as such. It turns out Obama isn’t our almighty savior who would bring us his promises in a heavenly downpour – instead we’re getting it drop by drop. And do you know how piecemeal feels deep down inside? Kinda shitty actually. It only draws attention to and amplifies the inequality. Oh sure fine you can have this and that but not those rights. You’re not good enough yet. Your partnerships are not like ours, and we don’t think you should have what we have just yet.
While I was working at the University of Maryland, some benefits were extended to same-sex partners – like library use and fitness center privileges. But not the big HB, or Health Benefits. What was offered was a nice gesture, but in the end made me feel kinda shitty inside. So we got to play on the playground and go get our summer reading, but our partnerships are not deemed worthy enough for grownup benefits like health care. Maryland is workin’ on fixing those discrepancies, but still. Partial benefits only reveal that our legislators think that we are only partially human.
The other point I need to make is that those of us who watched this presidential act of failed promises from Clinton for eight years aren’t fooled this time around. This time we need more than words or an occasional nod in our favor. We need solid laws and legislation that protect us, and the revocation of some stupid old laws that make no sense. This time we’re watching to make sure y’all keep up with your promises. Sure, it’s not all on the shoulders of the President, but Obama did make an awful lot of promises to the gays, and the gays were strongly in favor of Obama and many of us worked very hard to get him into power. It’s payback time Bubba, and we’re keeping score this time, much like a jilted lover who is overly cautious the second time around. We’ve learned from past mistakes, like La Roux says:
hot skruffy lad

“Been there, done that, messed around
I’m having fun, don’t put me down
I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet
I won’t let you in again
The messages I’ve tried to send
My information’s just not goin in.”

This time, baby, I’ll be Bulletproof.
John Aravosis over on AMERICAblog has been serving up the rage on this topic very well, and Father Tony has some pretty rad ideas on the subject.
It’s really hard to seriously blog with the Peas playing in the background, courtesy of Bravehound’s latest offering for the summer featuring: Robyn / Frankmusik / La Roux / Röyksopp / M.I.A. / Sophie Ellis Bextor / Santogold / Basement Jaxx / Black Eyed Peas / Imogen Heap / Lykke Li / The Killers / U2.


  1. dicktard says:

    Hillary’s been running her own ‘This is what the world would be like if you fuckers had picked me’ campaign in the State Department. It’s much more pleasant than the rest of the Gov’t.

  2. Edward says:

    I am totally with you on this, especially going back to our previous supposed champion, Bill Clinton, who brought us Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and DOMA. (Though to give credit – it’s Hillary who has actually done something, at State, and seems to have been the catalyst for Obama doing what he did.) I posted on Facebook a comment about how we were getting crumbs from this president and got a bunch of strident comments back advising me to “be patient” and that Obama has only been in office for five months, this is just first steps etc… it was interesting that all these comments came from straight friends; I am not sure how comfortable they would be if they had to wait for these limited benefits, as you say without the big HB. The way I figure it, we’ve been waiting, all too patiently, since 1993. I am beginning to think it might be a good idea to have another March on Washington – why let the Dems take us for granted? It might not hurt to poke them a little.

  3. Ohio Tom says:

    HB shouldn’t be a marriage issue. Every person, regardless of marital status, should have access to affordable health care.
    But so many other “special rights” are granted to married opposite sex couples like the right to stay in your house if your legal spouse is in a nursing home. Who knew that you couldn’t force the legal spouse out of his home to pay for nursing care … ???
    Not so if your unmarried and jointly own the house. Sorry, but half of the asset must be used for his care.