I was out in Virginia wine country again this weekend for our final Dungeons & Dragons gaming session with the geek gang. ~sob!~ While we were there we went to the Hazzard Homecoming in Rappahannock Co., VA. I got to see a few of the stars of the show from a distance and several dozen replicas of the General Lee:
Git 'er done
The entry fee was steep, but offered the opportunity to get autographs from many of the actors from the show. But the lines were long and it was hot out and I was fine with seeeing the cars, but we did see Tom Wopat from a distance. Wopat is from Wisconsin fyi, as is this rarely bearded fellow, who is apparently Mitt Romney’s running mate for President:

Jimbo.info does not support flagrant use of the Confederate flag nor Paul Ryan for Vice-President. We only support his beard.


  1. brettcajun says:

    Is that a bulge in your shorts young man?

  2. jimbo says:

    No, because of the pic you sent me of your hole: