So the hot Aussie otter I’d been rooting for didn’t fare so well, probably because he shaved his beard and wonderful auburn chest fur. The facial hair gods punished him and cast him down for his shavecrimes.

Not quite as ottery but inspirational: Bulgarian rings champ Jordan Jovtchev is 39 and made it to the finals:

Go grampaw! Jokes aside, he is an inspiration.

So more moving thoughts: I will miss the Atlantic beaches of Rehoboth, Fire Island and Provincetown. I had lots of good memories there and grew to like the Atlantic. I know the coasts are rockier on the Pacific side, so where do the gays gather in the summer? I haven’t heard of a west coast equivalent of Provincetown, for example. Palm Springs?


  1. Pfferberg says:

    The Russian River is great in the summer. My favorite place is Canon Beach, OR or Santa Cruz, CA. Gay places, meh i guess Palm Springs but its too hot. Oh i almost forgot Puerto Vallarta is fun and gay. Laguna Beach is beautiful as well in So Cal.

  2. Partick says:

    I don’t know the name of of it, but there is a river estuary in Portland with sandy beaches that is cruisy and clothing optional in some parts. I’m sure you will find it.

  3. Jim says:

    Speaking of facial hair and gods, I just finished a buttload of New Zealand TV’s “The Almighty Johnsons” episodes – in short, the Norse gods moved to New Zealand and reincarnate into their decendents on the 21st birthday. It’s a fun romp – sort of Eastenders meets True Blood without the blood but with the nekkidness. Baldr is a drugged and boozed out surfer who’s not the best Oracle but you go with what you get, eh?

    Dean O’Gorman (who’ll be playing Filli in The Hobbit) plays Anders who became the incarnation of silver-tongued Bragi – here’s a meager screen-cap from Flickr. (Not my account so think nice thoughts for the owner.)

    And he’s got a fantastic arse too!

  4. kalalaumango says:

    groinville in sonoma county. west marin. monterey county has several sites. oregon coast skipping methford and the faeries. one could say breitenbush but i wouldn’t. along the willamette river there is a sandbar with some islets west of burnside. i imagine you’ll find something. after being in d.c. that long, i would think that you are screaming to be on the west coast. i’m screaming to be out of the country after 15 years with (d)etroit (c)onstipation. thanks.