TJ was horrified by this photo of a whole roast pig that I posted on Facebook this weekend. Sweetie – where do you think pork comes from – vines or bushes or something? Yes it’s true: your meat comes from dead animals and sometimes that isn’t pretty:
Besides, I know TJ has seen BrettCajun naked and it’s not such a different sight to behold.

Anyway the pig roast I went to on Saturday was fun and I ate the whole pig all by myself. There was rugby there too:
Lock Overlook rugby field
And it was good to catch up with some old rugby friends:
Rugby Peeps


  1. Mari says:

    The veggie burgers grow on vines and in the ground.
    Also, and this may be a surprise to some…
    Come out of a chicken’s butt.
    “Chicken butt” the very phrase cracks me up.
    Don’t get me started on where milk comes from.

  2. Erik Rubright says:

    I don’t know that we’ve ever seen BrettCajun with an apple in his mouth though….

  3. brettcajun says:

    I swear. I really FEEL the love every time I come on this gawd damn blog. LOL

  4. Blobby says:

    Erik beat me to the comment. damn!

  5. homer says:

    I haven’t seen BrettCajun with an apple in his mouth, but I have seen that trick where he shoots tennis balls out of his mangina.

  6. durban bud says:

    I no longer eat pork thanks to your disturbing photo. Morbid and cruel to murder and display it like that. Plant-based diet now, thanks!

  7. kalalaumango says:

    rugby. i’ll miss that this summer, since miami doesn’t have it. the rockies were always good for a stop by to see a match or watch practice and the guys were a really great group. let us hope that miami is more than the nonsense this past winter. i don’t associate rats with rugby. thus, it was always enjoyable to go by and see the play. love those photos.