Heeeey gurls, happy Pride weekend in DC. I’m still recovering from the trip, just got back on Wednesday and had to work the last two days of the week. Before that, my jury duty had me serving right up to the day I left for England, which stressed me out to no end. We found the guy not guilty despite having a loaded 9mm semiautomatic with laser pointer in the glove compartment of a car that wasn’t his. There are many agonizing details, but basically the officer wasn’t as thorough as he could have been, and there were too many areas where there was reasonable doubt.

Anyway, I finished my mountain of laundry and am still going through photos, including the amazing trip to Iceland on the way back. More on that later. I didn’t take too many photos during the Bingham Cup tournament in Manchester as there was a lot of time playing and little time for taking photos, but others took some and here’s one of the side I was on (we brought two teams):
Manchester 2012
In the end neither team got any hardware, the competition at our level was fierce but we played well.
Grrr. At some point in the matches I got a hearty kick to the calf. At first I thought it was a cramp or pull, which would have been problematic, but I could run with a bruise:
Leg Bruise
It hurts more today than it did last week, I hope nothing is damaged.

Now it’s off to tons of Pride weekend events. I hope to get the amazing photos from Iceland up soon. I want to get back there again in the near future!


  1. Cb says:

    I was wondering if you were going over for the cup. I hope you had a great time

  2. kalalaumango says:

    love those photos — it reminds me of loving rugby but also reading many people over the years who had much to say beyond the dribbling iterations of the tired state that many urban centers have become considering the years of information acquisition but making excuses of having done nothing with it in the midst of converting gay Pride to gay Shame because 15 years later — a recognition of proffering hate crimes while bemoaning anti-queer sentiment in the u.s. rugby — a beautiful sport. if i had seen more gay people communicating beyond chat room privacy violation and using their talent, skill, and knowledge on the level of many wonderful writings or postings i’d read when on the road during the last administration in washington, i feel that much would have been done beyond the culmination of junior high school bullshit and being exceedingly immature. thank you for those beautiful photos.