Pour one out today for Civil War General John A. Logan who founded Decoration Day in 1868, now called Memorial Day.
General Logan
I had a nice weekend relaxing and catching up with friends at barbecues and such, which was nice after a stressy week last week doing jury duty. But we’re not done yet, and I have to report back tomorrow morning. I hope we deliberate quickly, because my plane leaves for Manchester, England tomorrow night. My bags are all packed and I’m ready to get to Dulles on a possibly very short time frame.

I’ll be going to play some rugby at the big gay International rugby tournament, the Bingham Cup. This will be my fifth Bingham Cup, and possibly my last. But I keep saying that every year. I may check out a curling team in the winter after this. I’ve been to the Cup play in San Francisco, New York, Dublin, and Minneapolis (I missed the one in London). This year the lovely Ben Cohen will be making an appearance or two at the Cup, I hope I am not too distracted by him.

Anyway, the Renegades are bringing two teams and I’ll be playing on our “B” or “Red” side. We are seeded in the same starting bracket with our A/Blue side which never makes any sense but they keep seeding us like that for some reason. There are a few teams we could beat in that bracket but we’re likely to drop down to the next level in tournament play. We shall see. But I’m still bringing it, memorizing President Laura Roslin’s Nikita Kruschev moment quote: “I will use every cannon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eye teeth to end you! I swear it! I’M COMING FOR ALL OF YOU!”


  1. homer says:

    Did you watch Jimmy Smits and the Memorial Day program on PBS?

  2. Rod Tilley says:

    I hope you enjoyed your time in Manchester, I’m sorry we couldn’t promise you better weather. I was watching on the Saturday and enjoyed the day very much. I hope Manchester showed you good friendship. Good luck to your team. Rod