This picture is so awesome I had to share. But I’m sure you’ve already seen it all over the place on the Facebooks.

While the President’s statement was not a law enacted, it was still powerful and will have a lasting effect. Sure, other lawmakers may have voiced their support for gay marriage in the past, but this guy said it while he was in office.

I suspect this was fully calculated despite some pundits’ insistence it was a reaction to Biden’s perceived diarrhea of the mouth earlier in the week. Both Biden and a cabinet member spoke in favor of gay marriage beforehand and I believe these statements were strategically placed trial balloons. If the public had freaked out over what Biden and Duncan had said, then Obama wouldn’t have come out publicly like he did so soon.

But the trial balloons did not pop too loudly, and Obama did say it and said it eloquently. Watch the whole interview beyond the major talking points seen on the news if you can. (I’m looking for the entire interview for y’all…)

The most important and lasting effect of his statement was the affirmation for gay youth. To be honest coming out in the early 90s was scary and really sucked, but to have the President’s support today must make the kids who are coming out feel really good. And with such an organized and fanatic opposition today, the kids need every boost they can get. There were anti-gay sentiments in the 90s but they were nowhere near as organized back then as the anti-gay haters are today. These days they are mean and calculated reptiles.

Oh wait I need to correct myself: perhaps the most important thing coming out of this whole discussion is that one day BrettCajun will finally be able to get married to some Southern belle. Then he will finally stop texting me and peeking at my Scruff profile every 4 hours, all thanks to President Obama.

Only then will I truly be free.


  1. brettcajun says:

    Honey… I only text when your sassy attitude needs to be put in its place. While you may have others walking on eggshells under the glare of SEETHING BITCHERY, I ain’t scared! I’ll browbeat until you start acting right! “Yes, Sir” usually signals Jimbo has successfully been rehabilitated to an obsequious little puppy. Unfortunately, it only lasts 5 minutes tops… there is a demon inside I tell ya!

  2. Ohio Tom says:

    Thank you for posting. 28 years into a committed relationship, we’ve not needed a legal marriage to make ourselves whole. But as we grow older, as we grow more feeble, we find comfort that we can (someday) be legally bound to each other, to amplify our love with law, to provide care without condition as we move into our golden years.

  3. cb says:

    I think you mean brett may someday be able to get married then divorced from some southern belle.