What a sad weekend. We knew Whitney was spiraling but it’s still sad that she passed on so young. It left me thinking, while Madonna may have Gollum arms and frog legs and tries way too hard to stay relevant, at least she seems to be sober and has some amount of her shit together. And at least we still have Prince (Mountains / Shake Your Body mashup) even though he’s lost the edge he once had. The fate of George Michael is still in question, despite his recent health scare.

By the way Robyn was ROBBED by some creature called Skrillex in the Best Dance Recording & Best Dance/Electronica Album Grammy categories. She was beat by some kind of alien from Deep Space Nine for chrissakes.

World's Largest Six-PackSpeaking of Prince, I’m going on a crazy Prince-related trip back home to the Wisconsin/Minneapolis region this weekend. Sean alerted me to the reunion of Prince’s former band – The Revolution – that he played with for the 1999, Purple Rain and Parade albums. It’s apparently a fundraiser to be held at First Avenue, where much of Purple Rain was filmed. Prince is unlikely to show up, but I have never seen The Revolution perform live, and have wanted to see Wendy & Lisa perform for a long time. They will be doing solo sets and then a set together. The last time I was at First Avenue was for a Living Color concert.

FYI Wendy & Lisa have been very busy lately, winning a Grammy last year for the Nurse Jackie score, and it looks like they’re working on the score for a new show on Fox.

Oh and of course I’ll be visiting the family back in my hometown too. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there in the winter. BECAUSE WISCONSIN IN THE WINTER SHOULD BE FUN, RIGHT!? I decided a while back to not go home in the winter on a regular basis, since the summers are much nicer there and there’s so much more to do. I’ll be packing my warm clothes for sure and will see the Mighty Mississippy fully frozen over. Don’t have much planned other than hanging out with the family and seeing the concert. Oh and I will eat some cheese curds too and search longingly for Aaron Rodgers.


  1. first mom says:

    Warning!! It has been a rather mild weather, so we have very little snow. The Mississippi is not very frozen and birds haven’t migrated south as far as usual. Bruce just started ice fishing in the past few weeks. Already a few dumb drivers have submerged their cars.

  2. Sean says:

    Can’t wait to see the Revolution with you!

  3. Blobby says:

    How cool would it be to see them. Don’t forget, the Revolution also played on ‘Around the World in a Day’. Not a stellar album, but………

    Still, I was big fans of their work. ‘DMSR’? C’mon, it doesn’t get much better than that!

  4. ryan charisma says:

    “Madonna may have Gollum arms and frog legs and tries way too hard to stay relevant,…”

    shame on you, bad gay! no designer t-shirt for you.

    now go to your room and think about what you’ve done.

    your fellow gays are VERY disappointed in you.

  5. Neil says:

    Jim, are you aware of Prince’s anti-gay beliefs? After I heard about it I have had a hard time getting into him since…