Apparently Madonna cast a spell on all of us, bringing about an Age of Chaos.

Her track “Like a Prayer” has lyrics saying “I close my eyes and I think I’m falling out of the sky.” This track tells the story of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel.

The question is: would Stevie Nicks have been a better choice as a primary spellcaster? I’ll bet Stevie could have done it on her own without the help of Cee Lo, Minaj and MIA.

Speaking of twirling divas, here’s a compilation of all the twirling costume changes from season 3 of Wonder Woman:

Check out her deluxe motocross outfit!


  1. Marc says:

    With respect to the misguidance and even more misinterpretation of this writer I agree to disagree with the analysis of Madonna’s costume choice. Unfortunately misperception mixed with ego equals blinders and when this author needs to feed his ego he feels empowered by writing stories based on his own mirror of shame because it’s obvious that he isn’t happy in his own life and refuses to face his own challenges spiritually therefore hiding forever in the shadow and control of his blinders, ego and religion. It’s sad really because for the nine things that were blatantly positive in the performance (i.e. “World Peace” and a stadium of light) this author chose one thing that he turned negative and unfortunately that is the sadness the world has fallen onto. Oh, well….

  2. Brent says:

    Ummm… @Marc, was your post supposed to be a joke? Because IMLAY.

  3. brettcajun says:

    THIS IS PRICELESS!!! LOL. Thank you, Marc, for giving us all something to use to guide Jimbo’s out-of-control ego in the future. The next time Jimbo is acting all bitchy and negative, we must remind him of his “Mirror of Shame”.

  4. Joe says:

    Haha it is the end of the world. Maybe you should add a countdown timer to your blog.

  5. Dax Books says:

    I only the begining of the halftime show. But I thought she was trying to dress up as She-Ra Princess of Power.

    The writer of that article is looking way to much into it.

    Besides the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet was clearly a Satanic ritual to bring about the end times.. All that cuteness in one place can not be used for good! 😉

  6. lazybythelake says:

    i love the wonder woman spins. LOVE THEM. thanks for posting.

  7. Neil says:

    LOVE IT! I tried this outside my work in an alley at lunch to no avail :(