The ski trip was fun and I believe I only heard “We Found Love” only about 6 times which was tolerable, but they did play that LMFAO song more than I wanted to hear. It’s still stuck in my brain like a malignant brain tumor. I missed the Madonna halftime live but did catch her later on the YouTubes. She was fun and I liked the guests except for that weird ginger afro dude tightrope walking. That was out of place. And Kylie would like her 2011 Aphrodite tour dancers and props back please, thanks. Here’s a review of the show from NPR.

The snow conditions on the slopes were to be expected for the warm winter we’ve had in the region, and there was only snow on the runs but nowhere else on the mountain. Knowing snowboarding would probably suck on icy manufactured snow, I checked out those newfangled parabolic skis which did make skiing a little easer. I think it’s been like 10 years since I skiied (rather than snowboard) but I didn’t forget a thing. But I was reminded of how much I still have to learn on the ‘board so I won’t be buying a pair of skis anytime soon. I still like the snowboarding.

Later that evening at the local gay bar (12 Penny Saloon in Moosic) I tried my smooth moves on two locals from the Wilkes-Barre area but didn’t get anywhere. I apparently no longer have game and don’t know how to successfully trick anymore. Perhaps it is because I am dead inside.

That reminds me about something I’ve wanted to discuss here. I see on a lot of the youngster profiles here and there on apps and sites where they state that they are strictly on a “NO HOOKUPS” policy which I find hard to believe. Now I’m old fashioned on a lot of gay things but I don’t believe in absinence, and I have a hard time believing these 20somethings aren’t having sex. I worry that their policies will blow up in their faces and they’ll suddenly binge on sex all at once, unsafely.

I remember back in the 90s there was this sex positive movement in response to the fear of sex during the AIDS crisis. Anyone remember that? It was about teaching and doing safe sex while still having a healthy, realistic attitude about having sex. I thought it was a good idea and wonder if the kids these days have a bad attitude about sex out of ignorance. But then again I also see HIV rates increasing in that demographic and wonder if maybe they just don’t care, or possibly don’t know enough about safe sex? The safer sex education and outreach isn’t as prevalent as it was when I came out. Anyway I worry that the kids don’t like the sex, which isn’t healthy either.

Or they’re growing up fucked up if they live in Michelle Bachmann’s congressional district where 9 kids committed suicide in 2 years. Read this Rolling Stone article for more details. It’s horrifying how the school board and citizen leaders deliberately chose to dampen any discussion on orientation. Kids are coming out far earlier than they used to, and they need affirmation and support, not gag orders and ignorance. It sounds like the leaders in the Anoka region are both soulless and spineless, and it’s the kids who are paying the price.

Then I watch this documentary “Kidnapped for Christ” on Joe.My.God, where a gay kid has been sent to what amounts to a concentration camp in the Dominican Republic for “reform.” This stuff is still happening!

Reading and watching stuff like this makes me think that despite all the openness, affirmation and exposure the gays have experienced recently, that it’s almost worse for young gays these days because our opposition has also become more organized and focused as well. Even though we can (sort of) serve openly in the military and get married in some states, it’s still shitty out there for gay youth.


  1. TED says:

    I read that Rolling Stone article. It made me sad and angry. The conservatives there are all but saying that an LGBT teenager is better off dead.

    The “no hookups” types are usually just posturing. In fact, you can sometimes see the same guys on Grindr saying no hookups (pretty laughable in and of itself) while they’re clearly leaving the door open to hookups on Scruff, and they’re as slutty as they come on A4A. And you’re never supposed to call anyone’s bluff on that: it’s like the way you have to pretend that you believe what a car salesman is telling you.

  2. BleakAugust says:

    I often feel that the whole “no hook-ups” line isn’t just an easy way of saying I’m not interested in you. It’d be more accurate if it read, “no hook-ups unless I find you incredibly handsome.” Then, heaven help you if you don’t want to have sex with them.

    That documentary is scaring the shit out of me. The guys who run the school seem to brag about how they discipline and brainwash the kids sent there.

  3. jimbo says:

    I’ll have to agree with TED on this, and the possibility that saying “NO HOOKUPS” is a way to show disinterest, for if you show interest then you appear desperate and thus unattractive.

    So in stating straight up that you’re a nun you appear both chaste and uninterested. But I remain very skeptical that they are truly chaste.

  4. Joe says:

    I dont believe the “no hookups” its just another fish hook and bait scenario. I saw on my vaca the movie the seminarian. The lead was on the cruise and did a q&a after which i missed. It gave me a glimps of dating and how younger kids these days look at it. I burst out snickering about certain lines within the plot.

  5. Brent says:

    Based on the epidemiology, there seem to be lots of hook-ups still going on. By the by, have you heard about the gonorrhea strain that is incurable? Per wehoconfidential (I know, but bear with me), 2 cases of “Forever Gonorrhea” have been confirmed in LA. Now all we need is for syph to learn that trick and HIV will almost seem to be a mild inconvenience.

    Anywhore, “safe sex” education didn’t do much to make me feel safe about sexual congress when I was a baby gay. It was always quickly (and correctly) pointed out that the only safe sex was no sex, and hepatitis, herpes, and genital warts could be just a brief amount of oral contact away. Add to the circumstances that this was just before the HAART drugs hit the market, and I was terrified of sex. Didn’t mean that I didn’t have it, but I had a lot of issues already about being gay, and I’m sure being sexphobic didn’t help me land guys.

  6. brettcajun says:

    I am sooo curious about your bar pickup techniques. What are your “smooth moves”? Were videos playing at the bar? Were you on X, queening out, and dancing all sweaty to Kylie/Katy/etc BEFORE you hit on others? Or did you down tons of draft beer, have icky beer breath, and nonchalantly say… “Gaaaa… (burp)… Jimbo herezzz… I work with horse herpes… wanna makeout?” There has to be something wrong with your technique! We can help you.

  7. brettcajun says:

    Also, NEVER EVER eat chili cheese fries/hot dogs/pizza/trail mix/peanuts AT THE BAR. That is tacky, a major turn off, and will make you appear homeless. Especially if you have peanut breath or a long string of cheese in your beard. I’m trying to help you boo. :)

  8. jimbo says:

    “Gaaaa… (burp)… Jimbo herezzz… I work with horse herpes… wanna makeout?”

    That’s almost exactly what I say when I talk to guys! OMG is that the problem?

  9. henry says:

    From my (unscientific) experience the ‘no hook-ups’ thing is just their way of claiming that they are ‘good girls’ and don’t sleep around indiscriminately but will be available for sex within 5 minutes if there’s a pretense that it may lead to ‘something more serious’, even if that’s just a FWB thing. It’s a neo-conservative thing some of the young ones have. As marriage and parenthood are becoming more prevalent among us, hetero-normative traditions (“only good girls find nice husbands”…) resurface.

    I’m surprise to read that they now measure liquids in tons in cajun country… wouldn’t that be pints, gallons & barrels of beer? Je suis etranger, so I’d really like to know & learn what’s proper!

  10. Luther says:

    dead inside? Your way to young to be feeling like that.

  11. mike says:

    Well if you had low standards I would bone you…

  12. MIke says:

    A-list bear cred in DC must not extend all the way to Wilkes-Barre.

  13. jimbo says:

    Starved for blog content, the trolls circle in, smelling blood.

  14. brettcajun says:

    WELCOME to my world Jimbo. :)