Miss Lwaxana TroiMajel Barrett Roddenberry, widow of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry, died today at age 76. She was an actress on the original Star Trek show as Nurse Christine Chapel, was the voice of the computer in Next Generation and other spinoffs, and played the infamous Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek: Next Generation. Lwaxana was Deanna Troi’s outgoing Betazoid mother who was basically a drag queen with a thing for Captain Picard. She is not a blood relative as far as I know, but she will be missed.
Happy Holidays from McKenzie the English Pointer – now the official live mascot of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (my alma mater). The beautiful two-year-old English Pointer was adopted from a shelter in Michigan, where she was rescued from a scheduled euthanization. McKenzie is a cute doggie! The English Pointer (a hunting dog) is our mascot because my university was a land grant college originally intended as a training institution for state game wardens who often put the dogs to work out in the field.

Skwurl: Doing anything exciting this weekend?
Jimbo: Duh. Here’s a hint: it starts with the letter ‘B’ and is filled with hairy men, and it’s not my butthole.
Skwurl: omg Hahahahahaha, that was good

Next month’s Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend is occurring the weekend before Obama’s inauguration. Most of the leather queens reserved their hotel spot a year ago, so the event participants are not expecting any hardships due to the influx of so many visitors.
And all those visitors will have to poop somewhere. The National Park Service is peppering the National Mall with over 5,000 port-a-johns in preparation for Inauguration Day.
And for you new members of Congress arriving after that day, welcome to D.C., now come out already (if you were closeted). Let’s not have another Mark Foley or Larry Craig debacle, OK?


  1. J.P. says:

    And will we see you at MAL? It is perfect ‘stache season after all.

  2. Dax says:

    Mrs. Roddenberry was the only Actor/Actress to be in every incarnation of Star Trek. She was Number One in the Pilot “The Cage” She was Nurse Chapel in the Original Series as well as the voice of the computer. She was the voice of Chapel and of Mress in the animated series. In the movies she was Dr. Chapel as well as the voice of the Federation/Starship computer. She played Mrs. Troi on TNG , DS9 and was the voice for the Federation computers for TNG DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.. She recently completed doing the voice of the Federation/Starship computers for the upcoming Star Trek film.
    I got to meet Marita Sirtis and she told me that Majel was a Mother figure for everyone. She loved Star Trek with all her heart , but also understood that Trek needed to take a break and rejuventate.
    She will be missed. I only hope they dedicate the upcoming move to her and Gene