Coach ScottChristmas came early today when a half-dozen of my dutiful Seann William Scott informants sent me many links to screenshots of him with a ‘stache, in a jockstrap, with a coach’s whistle. My only disappointment is that the chest fur police got to him before filming, despite the hopeful trends promoting the fully-furred male. Most of today’s entry links are NSFW.
Scott Caan (son of James, Chaka and Noonien Singh) with a beard, bit ‘o back fur and low-hangin’ bull balls changing clothes after surfing. It makes me feel like these kids.
Hot drummer from a band called Pnau.
Clever girl with muscular dystrophy auctions off her hot ginger twin brothers for charity.
From Sean in Minnesota: Someone to keep you warm during all these snowstorms.
Markie spotted a Cooper’s Hawk here in Shaw. They’re definitely uncommon in The District. A friend of Homer‘s was taking pictures in the desert and took some amazing photos of a bobcat. In these photos you can really see how a cryptically colored coat can help camouflage this wily critter! Bobcats are crepuscular, meaning they are usually active at dawn and dusk.
Early this Saturday I’ll be going on another Christmas Bird Count (census) with the DC chapter of the National Audubon Society and will hopefully get some good photos. Last year was cold, and this year it will be the same. Today I spotted a small flock of tufted titmice right outside my workplace.
George Bush is pretty good at dodging. I guess he’s good at something.
Muppet Wiki. The archivist spent WAAAAAY too much time writing this extensive and accurate guide.
Finally, from Dingo: a fascinating family tree of electronic music. Linnaeus would be proud. Click on all the samples to learn more about the evolution of this diverse music style. My favorites are New Jack, Dirty South, Crunk and Ghetto Tech.


  1. Lee says:

    FRELL! Someone beat me in telling about Seann William!

  2. Luther says:

    Jimbo you just live in the wrong part of the city for birds. There is a coopers hawk that swoops my bird feeding area frequently, hopefully to get a dang mourning dove. The Juncos are back and lots of tufted titmouse, many cardinals, nuthatch, and warblers. Feeding yearlong certainly helps the population, plus lots of fat squirrels. Hope you have a good holidaze!

  3. Herb says:

    MMM…let’s have more NSFW round-ups, Jimbo.

  4. Stephen J. Xanthos says:

    Those Scott Caan pics nearly killed me. Holy Mary, mother of…

  5. homer says:

    I hear Scott Caan is totally into bird watching, D & D, and spending lazy mornings in bed snuggling up to furry brown-haired guys.

  6. Sean says:

    It truly is a magical time of year…

  7. Sarah Jean says:

    The electronic music family tree is fascinating. You should have put up a warning before you click because I just spent a good 30 minutes there. Thank you for sharing that! Happy Holidays to you!

  8. says:

    Bush has had lots of practice dodging. He’s avoided responsibility for every goddamn evil deed he’s ever done in his life.
    Seann and Scott are smokin’ hot.

  9. says:

    Sean William Scott is one of my all time fave hotties! Damn!
    Btw, the Scott Caan link had a trojan attached to the webpage. You might wanna disable that link for now.
    Merry Christmas!