An article from the Washington Post about a fatal stabbing in Columbia Heights, and two fatal shootings in Shaw early this week. One of them was a gay man whose credit cards, cash, cell phone, and jewelry were still in his possession when his body was found.
DC’s Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence (GLOV) reminds you:
** Do not walk alone, especially at night – and don’t let your friends walk alone. Consider cabs and bikes.
** DO NOT WALK DRUNK OR IMPAIRED – you increase your risk of being targeted.
** If you go the bars, look out for others – if you see someone walking alone, or you see someone walking drunk, please intervene. You might save their lives.
** If you feel threatened, call 911 immediately – don’t be embarrassed – it is better to be safe.
** Do not engage, negotiate, or antagonize. Maintain as much distance as you can with potential attackers. Stay in well-lit, well-traveled areas.
** Report any incidents to the Police (911 or to the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit at 877-495-5995).
** Please also report to GLOV, even if you are not comfortable reporting to the Police:


  1. John in Louisville says:

    Safety tip that should have been on top of this list:
    ** Don’t make yourself an inviting target by conspicuously displaying expensive cell phones and/or iPods….What’s worse is using these items while walking alone at night, which distracts your focus away from safety.
    Alternate safety tip: Leave the dangerous DC-Baltimore corridor behind and more to safer, tolerant cities like San Fran, Seattle, Madison, WI…cities that have functional city governments and police forces.

  2. brettcajun says:

    I wonder if that crazy man who harassed us back in the Summer is still around. Do you remember? We were all walking to Nellies.

  3. rmcdnld says:

    you better be careful up there.

  4. Mike says:

    Even though I live in the “safe” part of the city west of 16th Street, I still am wary of violent crimes and have refrained from walking alone at night. A man who worked at Annie’s was killed awhile ago, just a short ways down the street. So sad. As for “safer” cities, violent crime exists in every major urban area in the United States, and even small town gay resort communities aren’t immune from this sort of thing.