It was cold the morning of October 29 but we were ready for action at the Hellfest tournament in Dallas. Thinking it would be warm down there in Texas I didn’t bring any warm clothing so had to do with someone’s blanket.

I got to play about three halves, but with 15 minute halves at a very fast paced that had me worn out pretty quick. At first I played wing and then got bumped up to flanker, which was more fun but also more exhausting. I did catch one ball out of the lineout and brought it down for a proper maul.

The red side played well and got zero points scored against us during the preliminary rounds. All our training versus the well-practiced blue side has paid off. By the end of the day at the final round the game was more even but we prevailed and won the 2011 Hellfest tourney!

I believe both sides are going to the 2012 Bingham Cup in Manchester in June. The Renegades used to travel to Manchester for fun rugby clinics and socials. It’s a nice cosmopolitan city. I’m sitting on the fence as to whether I will go or not. Perhaps it’s best to end on a high note.

Here’s me at one lineout, looking very spazzy. But I think that’s the one I caught and brought down for a maul:Lineout
Here’s me and former blogger Zeitzeuge (Mark) in his Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence persona Eve Angelica:
Eva Angelica
I also chatted briefly with former blogger Scrubnugget, who is now playing for the St. Louis gay team. I guess October was blogger reunion month!

I look tired in this photo, because I was:
Hellfest 2011 Champs!
Photo credits to various sources. I grabbed ’em from Facebook and Flickr but forget who from on each pic.


  1. henry says:

    I like that “Jimbo de Balzac” look. Very simple, elegant, statuesque.

    You are positively petite compared to your teammates. I hope they don’t treat you too roughly. Well, at least not any more than you want. Oh, and – how many people does it take to play Rugby? that looks like a full battalion, there.

  2. jeem says:

    It was great meeting and chatting with you, even if it was just for a little bit. Congratulations on winning the tournament, and I hope the Crusaders and Renegades get to play each other in Manchester!

  3. jeem says:

    (Also, henry: each team has fifteen players on the pitch at a time, but it’s useful to have subs, especially at tournaments.)

  4. jimbo says:

    They treat me roughly, but I can take a lot of hits. I’m sorry for it afterwards though.

  5. cb says:

    Ok- first off, nice snuggie.

    Second… me WANT the bearded guy next to you in the picture!

  6. Arc Riley says:

    We’re bringing three teams to Bingham Cup and you should certainly go! You considering the winter training at Balance?

    Sorry if I’m one of the guys who’ve been rough at practice, I’m trying not to injure my buddies with my rookie oafishness.