So Andrew Sullivan has announced that pot is replacing crystal meth use. I’d have to agree with his observation as I’ve observed fewer trainwrecks lately, although I still come across the occasional PnP Tina Whore bottom online. Gurl, people like you are the reason my lower back is a mess…I can’t keep up with that shit anymore.

Anyway, while I think it’s a great thing that meth use is waning, I’ll have to point out a new and terrible problem has arisen with increased pot use: horrible pot breath.

OMG your pot breath really stinks. I mean it reeks like you just ate out a donkey’s ass. I’ve been noticing more and more pot breath people – particularly Bears – at Blowoff and Bear Happy Hour. I know you’re totally high after you light up but if y’all could think clearly for a moment and use some mouthwash before you go out I’d appreciate it, thanks. Just link up pot with Listerine in your hazy thoughts and we’ll all get along fine. And also try wintergreen or spearamint gum or something like that too.

And don’t do so much weed that you’re unable to talk. Why go out when you can’t even talk to people? The only thing I can do is move on when I’m speaking to an inarticulate pothead. Boooring…


  1. brettcajun says:

    I can’t stand stinky pot heads. Why are they always sloppy dressers with unkempt hair and beards? I can only imagine that they like the buttsex dirty. Ewww….

  2. cb says:

    I will say this, a few weeks back I hooked up with this guy and when kissing him I thought, “Gross, this dude’s a smoker! Only… Hrmmmm.”

    It took me a little while before I realized just WHAT he was smoking. Which explained his getting lost on the way to my place.

  3. RG says:

    @Brettcajun: As an avid inbiber in the evil weed, not all of us are slovenly wretches. I brush my teeth, comb my hair, and wear clean, pressed clothes. Also, if I’m out and about and happen to imbibe, I always carry with me some sort of minty fresh breath-freshener AND a can of ozium that eliminates any pot stink off my clothes.

    And for the record, and you know this for a fact, I don’t like my butt-sex dirty.

  4. JD says:

    What I find gross is the pot-stench that emanates from a guy’s crotch if he’s a giant stoner. It’s kind of like garlic or onion in that respect, but much much worse.

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