I am full to the point of bursting. I had two nice dinners, one at Gurl’s place and the other at TJ and Rob’s. The following photo documents gays undermining the fabric of moral society:
Tos would like you to know he was a VIP guest at last weekend’s opening of Town.
I thought the walk home would burn some of the jellied cranberry sauce and turkey outta my tummy, but as of 9pm I’m still completely bloated.
cranberry sauce

TJ and Rob are dogsitting a very cuddly American Bulldog named Clyde:
DC is nice and deserted now, I enjoyed my walk home in a quiet city.


  1. homer says:

    The cranberry presentation is beautiful.

  2. Jessica Leas says:

    Canned cranberry sauce should not be part of Thanksgiving. Oh well, to each his own.

  3. Jujupiter says:

    I think there’s nothing more enjoyable than a nice gay thanksgiving dinner!

  4. moby says:

    Glad it was good! Btw, the RSS feed is working now

  5. wyocwby says:

    Hmmm if the *WOOF* fella in the gray t-shirt [3rd in from the right] needs any help undermining the morals of society or anything else….give him my number. He is FINE!

  6. cb says:

    If anyone from the dinner party needs to work off any of the meal (for example, mr. Grey T-shirt) I’d be more than willing to offer my “meat trampoline” services.

  7. Patrick says:

    I love a quite city. It was nice when we got back from Georgia this weekend on Friday. It seemed slower than usual…I’m looking forward to being in the city for Christmas though!