Scissor Sisters are performing at the 9:30 Club tonight and I’m going and I’m sure they won’t disappoint. I had a great time the last time I saw them in Boston. One of my favorite Scissor Sisters song is “Invisible Light,” which I think is about being gay and gadar. I don’t care for the official video, but the song is a brilliant nod to Pink Floyd and features some spoken word from Sir Ian McKellen (Magneto, Gandalf, etc.). Do you think “Invisible Light” is about being gay?

Fierce!FYI I think the dude (Michael Fassbender) who plays young Magneto in “X-Men: First Class” is kind of hot even though he doesn’t have any facial hair. He was in an interesting 2003 music video from the band The Cooper Temple Clause for a song called Blind Pilots. His character in the video goes out on the town with his buddies for a stag party that eventually goes awry…

It’s Pride Week in DC by the way. Heeeeyyyyy gurls! Let me totally flame out for a moment in order to deliberately annoy all you obstinate contrarian hipsters, no-fun grumpy closet cases, or those otherwise too butch to go to an event totally dedicated to GAY. HEEEEEEYYYY GURRRRLZ WHATS UP!?!? HEY LADY GIRLIE GURL GURLFRIEND MISS THAYNG! Hey gurl. There – I hope my flames annoyed you – now get over yourself and come on down for a turkey leg and ease up for chrissake!

Here is one reason we still have Pride celebrations – because there are still people out there delivering “cures” for being gay. An exhaustive 7-part story about how disastrous this can be to a family is detailed in Box Turtle Bulletin. It’s a long read and very sad but a reminder that there are messed-up closet cases out there trying to mess you up too. Our Invisible Light should not be hidden.

Speaking of Miss Thang, Brett and I stopped bickering for a moment to notice that neither of us have heard from TJ in weeks. We both think he’s trapped in a k-hole. This moment was brought to you by a tiny iota of compassion.

30 years ago this month AIDS was first mentioned in print. But the disease had been around for years before that, it just didn’t have a name. Sturtle re-tells this tale that should not be forgotten. While the disease is treatable and it is no longer a death sentence, it still impacts one’s health and can still shorten your life.


  1. brettcajun says:

    Just because you are a Heauxmeaux (Cajun for “Homo”), doesn’t mean you have to flame and embarrass me in front of Mama. Contrary to false gay history, I didn’t get my rights from Drag Queens/Travestites rioting at Stonewall. I got my rights from gays peacefully assimilating with heteros in everyday American life AND Ellen.

    About TJ… I blame Chuck the cat. Ever since TJ and Rob’s son came along, he doesn’t have time to socialize with us. :( All his attention is now geared towards doting on his only child who sports a Hitler mustache. Chuck will lead us all to WWIII and genocide. I can just tell. 😉

  2. homer says:

    I was amused to read Andrew Sullivan blathering on about how he doesn’t go to Pride events because we need to blend in and assimilate and blah-blah-blah. Of course, this is the same dude who owns a place out at Provincetown.

  3. brettcajun says:

    Andrew Sullivan is absolutely correct. We MUST assimilate.

    Attending gay pride parades does not advance gay rights. Fleeing to gay ghettos in liberal safe havens away from scarey straight people does not advance gay rights either.

    The reason Americans are now more accepting of gay marriage and gays serving openly in the military is because they personally know a gay person or have one in their family.

    As a gay man, the best thing I can do is give my family, co-workers and straight friends the face of a gay man. We must continue to educate them and chip away at their prejudices.

    It is my firm belief that our families are the battlefront in the quest for equal rights. We must dig in deep and fight our stubborn families in trench warfare.

    I’m doing my part. Are you doing yours? Or have you waved the white flag and retreated?

  4. jimbo says:

    Everyone back home knows because I said so out loud (and didn’t assume “they knew”).

    At Pride, we party and eat roast turkey legs nom nom nom.

    Yeah Sullivan lives most of the year in one of the gayest bubbles in the world and preaches about how post-gay everyone is. Yeah, it’s easy to be post-gay in Provincetown. I’d like to see him write such portents from living in Oconomowoc or some place like that.