I’m back from my short trip to Wisconsin. Of course while I was there I had more than my share of cheese curds, batterfried or otherwise:
Cheese Curds
I was also introduced to a culinary monstrosity even more fattening than cheese curds: poutine. It’s a French Canadian thing I guess, but it’s basically cheese curds and french fries served together slathered in gravy. I could not eat much of it I’ll have to admit, but am told the stuff is served in MacDonald’s from Toronto to Ottawa.

While I travelled to and from my hometown in Wisconsin I wore a Green Bay Packers tee-shirt. Whenever I wear this shirt in public people from Wisconsin come up to me and start talking to me, about random things. But in a friendly way of course. This happened 3 or more times on this trip and it’s what people from Wisconsin do. Sometimes doesn’t mean a thing. But it distrubs people on the East Coast, which is why so many people here think I’m talking to them because I want to steal their souls or skin them alive – at least that’s the look they give me when I go up and talk to them. Or maybe it’s because the only time people come up to talk to you in DC is to panhandle or get your signature for some nonprofit petition. But it’s just a cultural thing that I haven’t shaken that seems to be incompatible with socializing out here. In the future I will try to remember to not socialize with people so I don’t give them the impression that I am stalking them, and can only hope such suspicious east coast types will one day be thrown in a deep pit filled with friendly, drunk Shriners from Sheboygan for 24 hours or more.

Anyway, I checked out Wyalusing State Park with a friend from high school and did some birdwatching. We sometimes talked about random things, but that didn’t mean that we wanted to steal each others’ souls. It’s just what some people from Wisconsin do sometimes.

Wyalusing is located in southwest Wisconsin just south of Prairie du Chein, right at the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers. It was real purdy:
Wisconsin River
That’s how everything looks in the area where I grew up. Until I saw some of the more southern and central Mississippi cities like Davenport or St. Louis, I just assumed the Mississippi looked like that everywhere. Further south the Mississippi becomes a working river, and is not as scenic as the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge where I grew up.

2011 must be the year for orioles, as I’d never seen so many. Lots of indigo buntings too. White pelicans were soaring in circles on the warm currents of air that came off the bluffs, and I captured this neato shot with my fancy schmancy new zoom camera:
White Pelicans
The area is known for it’s Native American burial (effigy) mounds, which are easily mistaken for a buried septic tank, often built in the shapes of animals. Tee hee…here’s a sign for “Bear Mounds”!
Bear effigy mound
>; )


  1. brettcajun says:

    Hummm…. I was in Prairie du Chein, WI in December of last year. It was pretty there. I had my first cheese curds (FRESH) during that trip as well.

    I saw that DC frigidness the last time I was there. Someone needs to give that town a giant enema or AnalEZE to relieve the burn. Just my opinion. 😉

  2. RJ says:

    From Toronto to Ottawa? I’m hoping that this is meant in jest; they’re in the same province! One can easily obtain poutine far out West in Vancouver.

  3. Mike says:

    Suprisingly, one can also find that DC frigidity in Rehoboth. It’s also here in Rochester, NY (ask TJ). But luckily the antidote lies just east (in Syracuse) or west (in Buffalo) where goodnatured friendliness abounds. Better yet, head north to Toronto, for poutine and friendly pootytang.