Let's Hear It for the ManSo last night at the Ben Cohen visit at Town I was chatting with an old friend about people who are worthy of a shrine. Like Ben Cohen, who is very sweet in person and just as hot in real life as he is in all his pictures. I do indeed have a folder dedicated to his delightful .jpg images. I’ll admit that that counts as a “shrine” in my book. And Ben Cohen is definitely shrine-worthy. Think it’s labeled something like:
or something like that.

Anyway, Ben is a good example of someone who can take compliments and attention and not get all bent out of shape about it. In fact, he says “thank you” and appreciates it. I think that’s a grownup way to handle compliments and attention, don’t you?

However, last night my friend told me that a mutual acquaintance of ours had mentioned in passing that I had a “shrine” dedicated to him. Let’s build a bridge together so you can get over yourself (finger wave, hair flip, snap): I may have saved a couple pics of yer furry chest on my computer but there is certainly no “shrine” with your name on it. In fact I was hard pressed to even find one of yer pics to post as an example. Yer pics have since been buried under hundreds of other .jpgs and .gifs of other people in the same file folder on my C:\ I vaguely recall a blog post long ago but it has since been lost in the wake of multiple CMS migrations. I am sorry to break it to you but none of this qualifies as a “shrine” to you.

See that’s part of the problem in this goddamn uppity town – you can’t even give a compliment to anyone, even in passing because that makes you “creepy” or a “stalker.” So everyone just stares at each other in bars and online and no one approaches anyone because that makes you “obsessed” with someone if you try to speak to them. It’s a really fucked up negative aspect of the gay scene in DC. But for all of you gays who think you have stalkers – sometimes a compliment is just a compliment, and shouldn’t be taken as a request for marriage. So get over yourselves bitches and just say “thank you” when someone says you’re hot. Crimeny!

Anyway, many of our supportive heterosexual rugby teammates also showed up to help recruit (to the rugby team) during the event and otherwise show support. I mentioned to a couple of them as an aside, “See what you’re missing as a ‘gay icon’?” And both of them almost simulaneously answered, “What do you mean? I AM a gay icon!” Good answer. See, that’s an example of guys taking some attention in-stride rather than getting all bent out of shape about it. Just say “thank you” the best way you can. I think the word I’m looking for here is gracious.


  1. Boo Augustus says:

    Does bookmarking your blog on my laptop count as a shrine?

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