This is how we make coffee in the morning at work:

This is how I get when I can’t make it to Bear Happy Hour:

Finally, I get to touch Brian Wilson’s beard. Hat tip to Joe.My.God.

Paul Rudd has a new film coming out called Our Idiot Brother. I don’t think I’m digging his Jesus look though.

I’m heading home to Wisconsin on Thursday to visit the family and witness my neice’s high school graduation. My hometown is just north of LaCrosse, which also experienced a severe tornado this week. Minneapolis did too.

Wisconsin is not known for its soccer stars, but Green Bay apparently produced pro soccer player Jay DeMerit, who plays for the US National Team and Vancouver Whitecaps. He’s not as beardy as Brian Wilson but he’s workin’ on it.

I don’t know who Jeremy Gloff is but he wrote an extremely comprehensive review of Stevie Nicks’ seven ablums for The New Gay, including the latest one released this month.