I managed to catch some Olympic men’s water polo at lunch break today. TiVo it if you can. How could I forget to include water polo woof?
Ryan Bailey, U.S.:
not me, some random hot scruffy water polo stud
More of Bailey, after an injury timeout:
Frano Vican, Croatia:
Rick Merlo, U.S.:
Peter Hudnut, U.S., dreamboat:
Dingo Waterdawg, Los Angeles:
Other water polo woof to watch out for (do yer own image search):
Peter Biros, Hungary
Istvan Gergely, Hungary
Peter Varellas, U.S.
Layne Beaubien, U.S.
Thomas Marks, Canada
Lachlan Tijsen, New Zealand


  1. Scott says:

    OMG I do need to set my DVR for that!

  2. Chuck says:

    Good woofage, all of them.

  3. chrisb says:

    I’ve been watching water polo because those guys are gorgeous. But that sport doesn’t make any sense!

  4. cb says:

    I call dibs on Rick Merlo!!!

  5. OtterCubDC says:

    Indeed! This is the best aquatic sport in the Olympics because the men don’t shave their chests ritually! Rick Merlo has definitely been my favorite so far.

  6. Sean says:

    Now THAT is how men should look in the pool!

  7. cb says:

    Ok, I want Ryan Bailey too… even with the bloody cheek! He has perfect 5 o’clock shadow!

  8. Homer says:

    Mr. Bailey is awesome!

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  10. Tim says:

    Ryan Bailey = dying and going to heaven.