So we took the boys to Cobalt for Bear night on Friday, although my heart was broken when I learned my favorite bartender and future boyfriend was not there. But we had a nice time anyway. Later me and Homer went to Gurl’s house to watch the first half of the season finale of Dr. Who. Let me say that the writing for the new Dr. Who has been off the hook, and Friday’s epsode was epic in scale and so intense that Gurl was siezuring most of the time out of sheer suspense.
All the cool geeks are at Comic-Con in San Diego at the moment. Maybe I’ll make it there some year, as our trip to Vancouver for Gate-Con a few years ago was a lot of fun.
On Saturday I was pleased to learn that Homer just wanted to chill out, which was fine with me as I got to go to the gym for some stress relief. Later we had a nice barbeque at TJ and Rob‘s, then off to Nellie’s for a few. All of my “masc,” athletic, down-to-earth buds from Manhunt were there, with their hands up in the air.
Homer still had enough party points left and joined me and Brett at Town, which was a lot of fun and OMG I met DJ David Knapp! I also said hi to fellow Renegade Patrick, who decided to bring his gun show to the club. Nice guns, my little winger… After that the paparazzi would not stop following me, so I had to duck out rather early.
DJ Paddy “Gun Show” B recommends Whitney Houston’s Love That Man (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix) by the way.
I am currently under house arrest until the final paper for this summer’s class is finished. It’s an extenstive crisis communications portfolio for an organization in times of crisis. I’m really not in the mood to write one right now, but it’s gotta get done.


  1. homer says:

    Oh Jim, thank you for letting me watch all those snake movies! I had a nice time seeing you. Are yur lips chapped?

  2. Lee says:

    I had my birthday dinner at Rosa’s last night and thought of the two of you.
    A friend of mine was manning one of the booths at ComicCon as usual and she had a fun but hectic time.

  3. Bubba says:

    1) It’s rather paradoxical that you are in a crisis over your paper on crisis.
    2) Who’s the dude your macking with in BrettCajun’s pics? Hawt!

  4. Dax says:

    I have already seen the season finale of Doctor Who (I get downloads from BBC) I saw it about a month ago… you will be quite surprised and sadden by part two of the finale.
    I admit even I cried

  5. Jim (The Canuck one) says:

    I agree with Dax – Who part deux is at once exciting and depressing. I was bummed for days (and not in a good way.)

  6. rickandreoli says:

    Sorry you couldn’t make it to Comic-Con. It was fun, but it sounds like you had a party of your own. Good times.

  7. TOS says:

    God I feel for you buddy, I don’t miss writing papers! When you finish your degree, your first beer is on me (You know what I mean, though I’m sure you’d be good at licking it up… j/k!)
    Call me crazy but I think I am going to take a class this fall. The only way to make more money in teaching is to another degree or playing the tenure waiting game… ugh, I don’t know about another degree right now, but they’re offering a free 3 credit grad course for my content area… Remind me that this is my own fault when I start bitching!
    Hope to catch you around soon – when the weather decides to be more hospitable! We can swop gardening tips, I have a big veggie garden at my school! My tomatoes are off the hook!

  8. cb says:

    Yes, we all saw your paparazzi moment(s)! Geesh! Hopefully you ducked out early to get a room! :-)

  9. Leo says:

    New post, you got mentioned.