Both Homer and BrettCajun are in town this weekend to attend:

Uncovering the Truth

The 1st Annual International Symposium on Fake Blogging

July 25-27, 2008

Washington, D.C.

The first seminar will be held tonight from 5-9pm at Cobalt / 30 Degrees during “A Real Man’s Happy Hour,” (umm…yeah, whatever) 17th and R Streets, NW DC. Stout drinks served by my future husband, superhot bartender Dean.
Tomorrow the symposium continues at Town Danceboutiqe, featuring a dance interpretation of the Simply Red song ‘Fake’ by my favorite urban dance troupe in the whole world, X-Faction.
Boots licked so clean you can’t wear ’em any more? Jocko just taught me how to make a boot bird house for all those worn out pairs of Doc Marten and combat boots. Jocko wore out my last pair of logging boots and now they are perched in his backyard garden amongst the gloxinias and bluebells.
Work has been good! I don’t quite know what I’m doing yet, but everyone is nice and happy at my new workplace. There aren’t people running around with bugged out eyes and scared looks on their faces. And I’m happy to report that there is a separate person assigned to each different task of editing, document design, web content management, web page design, site management, and proofreading. And I don’t have to do any of that anymore, as opposed to doing ALL of the above on a heavy monthly schedule. No wonder I was so stressed out, being superman was hard.


  1. brettcajun says:

    I am here in DC. 😉 I look forward to seeing you again for dinner with the gang.

  2. Jocko says:

    Well, I did go a little crazy with the containers and the edging this year.

  3. Luther says:

    Nice that you are importing new faces, lol and love the link to joe, havent read him in ages! The boot birdhouse is such a great idea, I’ve seen other versions but this one is the easiest and I like easy. Now there are gonna be shoe birdhouses blooming all over DC! Have a good wkend!

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