Whole Foods CompostWhen I hear the phrase “carbon footprint” thrown around on The Today Show and start seeing compost for sale at Whole Foods, I start to cringe and think, “Oh dear, here we go again.” You can poop in a bucket and add some grass clippings, and that’s compost too. But I suppose paying for compost makes people feel better.
I saw this renewed interest in a “green movement” coming a few years ago, and stand by the comparisons to the environmental movements of the 70s and 90s, and points I made back then.

Together, we can make an unbelievably negligible difference.”

Seriously though, it’s important not to make Chicken Little claims or people will throw their hands up in the air and give up. Don’t ovewhelm the public with too many things they MUST do to save the environment. It’s important to try to make changes, but they must be achievable as well. And scaring the public with unrealistic claims that the earth is going to blow up tomorrow will reduce the impact of the importance of trying to do something at all. And people will always have a greater interest in trying to fix local problems over problems they can’t directly experience. But with the media as sensationalistic as it is today, declaring our doom on the news almost every day for a variety of reasons, I’m afraid this decade’s environmental movement will merely be another blip on the radar.
If you start telling people to stop travelling by plane, they’ll start to buck the idea of trying to change their lifestyle to improve the environment. Granted, we can now telecommute easier, and telecommuting is a wonderful idea in many ways. I’m guessing there’s a lot of people who could travel less and work more from home or a home office. But there are a lot of people who won’t want to stop flying, and making no-fly demands on these people will only result in a backlash.
This issue reminds me of a Star Trek: Next Generation episode where the crew of the Enterprise came across a group of aliens who claimed warp travel through the same area of space in their system over prolonged periods was creating a weakening of space-time continuum. This “warp pollution” was causing dangerous rifts in time and space to open up, sucking in unwary space travellers. The Enterprise crew found the aliens’ claim to be valid, and for a short time the Federation banned warp travel above warp 5 unless it was absolutely necessary in an emergency. However, the development of a safer variable geometry engine allowed space travel beyond warp 5 to be safer to time and space.
In Battlestar Galactica, can also assign multiple uses for a sewage treatment ship, like re-using it to find Earth. But my question here is, if the poop ship is off looking for Earth, is untreated sewage being jettisoned into space instead of being reused on the food processing ship? I love it that the fleet‘s (no pun intended) poop ship is a major part of the storyline.
This is interesting: Green Porno, staring Isalbella Rossellini.
Anyway, things can be fixed, and behavior can change, but usually only gradually. With focus, a more positive outlook, doing what you can and birth control, things can get better. I’m doing my part by being a nonbreeding homo, for starters.


  1. John says:

    It’s very interesting watching the high gas price trauma here in Houston. This is NOT an environmentally conscious city; like most southern big cities, it’s made possible by vast amounts of air conditioning, and it’s more sprawling than most. So you have a lot of people who think it’s normal to live 30 miles from work in a 2500+ square foot house, and drive an SUV around. Not. Sustainable. (Meanwhile, if you’re willing to live in less space, you can spend less money on everything but the house, live closer in, and spend less time in the car…)
    It’s going to be very interesting to see how newer American cities like this one – which are, in many ways, huge economic success stories – cope with this. You can already see a run-up in housing prices close in to the center city here.
    Of course, there are also builders selling “green” McMansions at the outer fringes of the city, the idea being that if you have better windows and more efficient appliances, you can feel good about driving your Navigator 75 miles a day. Um…

  2. Darth Jersey says:

    Did you not read my post about the asteroid Apophis? It has a one in forty-five chance of hitting a geosynchronous sattelite in 2019 and if it does when it comes bak around in 2036 it will impact the earth in the middle of the Atlantic throwing up a masive dust cloud and sending us the way of the dinosaurs.

  3. jason says:

    Jimbo when did you stop trying to get pregnant?

  4. stebbins says:

    I have no idea what you just said.

  5. Ohio Tom says:

    For the record, I’m a social liberal and financial conservative. I credit my dad who used to tell me when I was a teen “I don’t care what you do as long as I’m not paying for it. But if I’m paying for it, I’m going to have a say in it.”
    I believe that self interest is the motivator and can be a positive force for lasting change. Being greener for me starts with my wallet and making smart decisions that save dollars. I’m not talking about cheap goods but rather good spending habits. Money is a universal resource. How are you spending yours?

  6. Buy a fuel-efficient car, not a fashion icon.
  7. Have the furnace and a/c inspected regularly.
  8. Carpool when practical.
  9. Shop farmers’ markets.
  10. Fix or repair before you replace.
  11. Bike, God damn it, bike!
  12. Learn to cook.
    The list goes on and on, and the results are clear each month. We continue to be frugal often which allows us to indulge on occasion.
    Being green today is the way my grandparents and great grandparents lived their lives. They grew their own food, made their own clothes, provided each other with shelter.
    How did we get so far away from the earth in two generations?
    Live simply.
  • Tim says:

    I personally see Gore and Co. as hypocritical windbags trying to sell snake oil (carbon credits) and hysteria, all in the name of anti-capitalist and anti-humanist views. Blah telling people that they understand the global cooling and heating patterns, telling them that the science is air tight, telling people that CO2 is killing the planet. All crap, all disprovable using logic, and we haven’t even broached their ridiculous “carbon foot print” as they jet around the world bombasticating on issues they have no understanding of. Why don’t you just tell people to stop littering, stop dumping trash in parks and rivers, use land fills responsibly and for gods sake start building some nuclear power plants so we can bring down the cost and pollution of oil and coal based power plants. But no better to rant and scream and tell people that they have to subsidize wind power but don’t dream of building undersea turbines. So people let’s look at the chart wealthy western countries have reduced pollution and environmental damage up coming industrialist countries produce massive pollution and ecological damage. Therefore either share the better tech with them or do your best to help them get rich enough to care about their world.

  • Lee says:

    I gather the Skin Jobs have got a poop ship as well.

  • Mari says:

    For kicks I get into web fights/tussles on Richard Layman’s blog. My latest was against his bikes can do it all creed, where I said I can’t carry a case of wine, or a heavy bag of rice, or a lot of water AND my other groceries on my crappy 3 speed bike. The last word on there so far was if I really wanted to, I could do those things. And that’s the problem with the green movement, not acknowleding that I’m not going to go the super extra mile for some tasks that can easily be solved with a car.
    Like dieting it is best to incorporate small changes. Those stick. Then let those small changes build up over time. But drastic moves like, not flying ever, total turn off.
    I do disagree with you on population control. Nature hates a vacuum and the people growth is among those who don’t share your values and whose kids will inherit the earth. We need to spread the message and make a good agruement to the people whose numbers are growing in China and India. China has the 1 child thing but they are going to be one big assed polluter with the people they already have. And I was just disturbed when I found out Indian cities don’t have the same trash/recycling system we have in the west, that it gets dumped in the street.

  • jimbo says:

    I’m guessing the Cylons don’t poop, so they don’t need a poop ship.

  • cb says:

    Why on EARTH do they need a “poop ship”?? Can’t they just jettison it all out into space or dump it at the cylons? Its just ‘dark matter’ after all…

  • Paul says:

    What I find unnerving is that the growth of the green movement currently is fed by sensationalist media. There are many groups out there with good science, good information, innovation, and with a lot of solid educational materials to lead to a transformation in lifestyle and *ways of thinking*. The media on the other hand, isn’t transformative in the slightest. In a literal sense, it’s about as conservative an institution as there could be. I think Chomsky’s dead on in his assessment of the relationship between ideas, powerful institutions, and the media. The media is portrayed as liberal, at the edge of things, perhaps even radical. In truth, it doesn’t stray far from the viewpoints in the nexus of power, thus creating a system where anything beyond the media seems “fringe”.

  • John says:

    But they eat. They must poop. But maybe it all goes to the resurrection ship for recycling.
    Kind of gives “Number Two” a whole new meaning, eh?

  • David says:

    I love the idea of selling compost in plastic tubs that has probably been shipped to DC from California or Nebraska in 18-wheelers. Fabulously green. I wish I had thought of it.

  • Lee says:

    Well, the robotic ones probably don’t but the human/skin jobs probably do. They do just about everything else including breed so why not poop as well?