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Some of you may recall when I mentioned the independent gay film BearCity, which is a fun flick about self-realization and hairy people. Their passionate cast and crew were at Bear Happy Hour at Town last week and I got to meet some of the actors, the director and one of the producers who is also a good pal of mine. It turns out my original post about the movie inspired him to get involved with the film making process, and he’s now one of the producers of the BearCity sequel BearCity 2. Looks like lots of fun and features a few other people from DC and is set primarily in fabulous Provincetown.

Here’s the trailer for BearCity 2, which features a Bear fight in foam!

I am in the credits of the original movie! It’s been neat to see how a simple blog entry here and there can affect other people’s lives. The producer is very excited to be doing what he does and has done a complete 180 in his career path much to his enjoyment.

Anyhow, watch for it at your independent theatres or local gay film festival this spring!

Heeeey gurls! I’m getting over a cold, am stressed out by the holidays, have been playinig Civilization V like a madman and am generally depressed that Movember is over so soon. So I’ve been lazy on the blogging. So here’s a collage of Green Bay Packers’ woofy quarterback Aaron Rodgers to keep you busy:
Woof X 3I’m really not that big of a Packers fan to be honest. I think I just like the quarterback a lot, but it doesn’t hurt that they haven’t lost a game this season.

Wow check out this cool gothy music video that so very much reflects my current mood:

Woodkid – Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

Now I woulda just shared that video on Facebook, but not everyone who reads this blog is an acquaintance there. And many of you who I am friends there may miss the post because individual entries get buried by so many other posts. And I’m fine with that because I don’t really know all you people, and also don’t want an information stream on Facebook with posts from people I don’t really know. You know?

TJ once mused on Facebook that no one really needs a personal blog anymore because we all have Facebook. I agree to a point. Facebook has fully democratized blogging and made it available to everyone regardless of technical expertise.

But because of that Facebook has become a torrential stream of ephemeral information that isn’t ever fully digested. This information from everybody floods over you and goes away just as fast as it came. Some days it’s overwhelming and I walk away from the buzz it produces in my head.

On the other hand a blog is more like that privately-owned coffee shop that you like to go every Sunday morning. You know it’s there and you know just where to go if you want to. Facebook is force-feeding whereas a blog is a place you can go at your choosing. That’s how I see it at least.

Anyway, here is a requisite pic of a cute ‘stached ginger because that’s what you come here for. Thanks for the tip from Kenneth in the 212, who comforts me on a daily basis because it’s good to know someone else is as obsessed with the ‘stache as I am.

Oh and I’m aware that many of you also come here to cheer on the eternal battle between me and that mangy nutria BrettCajun. Well I won’t let you down. Today I declare yet again that BrettCajun is an insipid attention whore. That is all.

I noticed there were tons of hot beardy gay nerdfolk from out of town on Scruff this weekend. I did a little convention research and learned that the Neuroscience 2011 Conference is going on in DC through Wednesday. All I can say is neuroscience produces a lot of adorkable scruffiness.

It was a nice break from the usual overwhelming tide of partnered gay men in DC looking for distraction and/or sex on that app. Call me naive, but shouldn’t y’all be having sex with your partners and/or spending your time at Home Depot working on gutting the rowhouse you just bought together? Cuz it appears that partnered gay men in DC just live together and spend most of their time on Scruff looking for sex with other people.

It’s no secret that many gay men tend to have open relationships. But I would like to think that I will perform most – if not all – of my sex with my chosen partner. I’ve done it once before and had a rockin’ sex life with my partner of yore. To my knowledge we were monogamous during the course of our relationship. You will find out if you’re compatible that way during the dating period. And if you’re not I guess you’ll end up with a sexless relationship and have to be on Scruff or Manhunt all the time. Personally I find the whole search to be completely exhausting and very time consuming. I wish I didn’t have to do it at all.

It makes me wonder how many of these partnerships are mostly a matter of propriety, since the horrors of being single is clearly too much to bear. And for many I know it’s more a matter of security – either emotional or financial – and there’s no actual love to speak of there. I for one am holding out for the feeling.

Dark Phoenix will destroy youI recently reached out to a guy from out of town and got severely burned. It turns out there was a pre-existing relationship going on that I wasn’t debriefed about. And to add insult to injury, his boyfriend looks like the lead singer of Smash Mouth. This is like the 3rd or 4th time this has happened to me where I press forward and it turns out the guy was just flirting and had someone of his own already or suddenly just happens to find someone. Yeah right

This is why I have a huge chip on my shoulder about the ubiquitousness of flirty partnered guys online and in person. I guess some people need to flirt and get attention from as many sources as possible despite the cost because apparently they’re not getting attention at home. And they flirt with abandon regardless of the feelings of the single guy, because we are an expendable, renewable resource that keeps coming back for more. They view single people as some kind of game prey species bred for consumption.

But know this: if you are flirting with me and am not informed about your pre-existing relationship or marriage in an appropriate time you will be forever marked by me as a low-life scumbag emotional vampire turdshit. Appropriate meaning like in less than 20 minutes of conversation this teensy little fact about your significant other should come out in some way or another. Any longer than that and you’re hiding your status and being sketchy. After days or weeks of correspondence (especially personal phone conversations) you are damned if you don’t fill me in on your marital status. Assholes.

36 years ago the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior. It was a real ship, not just a legendary song and is the largest shipwreck to occur in the Great Lakes.

The song has many references to geography I’m familiar with, and the artist Gordon Lightfoot has a history of being a bit of a broody fellow. But for a time he was quite the woofy ginger.

So earlier this week I had joined in on a Facebook discussion about the new Sound of Arrows album that’s out (it’s pretty good). And from the discussion I was accused of having a continued interest in “indie” music. I cringed at the tought, because whenever I hear someone espousing their love for “indie” music they usually smell bad and have a severe case of Smarty Pants. As in they’re usually irritating and insufferable music snobs. And I don’t want that label (because I’m so “indie” and we eschew labels).

That said, I do like a lot of acts on independent record labels, and like Sound of Arrows it just so happens that many of them are from Sweden. Not that I’m racist or anything. It should also be noted that “music” has been an archived category on this blog for almost a decade, and I did just fly to L.A. to see Robyn (well, and Dingo too). So maybe I am enthusiastic about music. But I vow to never don a pair of thick-rimmed hipster glasses no matter who I listen to.

That said my music has still got to have vocals, and it tends toward the pop-vibe in the Major chord. I still loves me some Janet, Sting and Madonna even though they’re all slowly transforming into Gollum independently of each other.

Anyway, I’m currently gushing over these two tracks which are on heavy rotation on my iPod:

Sound of Arrows – Wonder

M83 – Midnight City

I think the videos for both songs are very well done, even though telekinetic mutant kids don’t really have much to do with driving in the city.

It’s Movember y’all, and there are ‘staches everywhere the eye can see. I can’t get enough of it and to me it’s better than Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving combined. The only problem is not everyone keeps their ‘stache afterwards but I can hope some do keep their ‘stache.

But as a mustache expert I question the act of growing a ‘stache from the clean-shaven state. A ‘stache will work out better if you shave from a full beard to a ‘stache. If you grow it out from scratch you’ll inevitably get an awkward growth phase that doesn’t look so hot.

Other miscellany: GWAR guitarist Cory Smoot (Flattus Maximus) passed away last week. Very sad news. I saw GWAR the first time about 15 years ago in Portland, Oregon and have seen them many times since. I believe Flattus himself spewed unholy fluids on me at one concert where I was in the greasy mosh pit so long my contact lenses were dyed red. It took several showers to get the food coloring out of my skin.

Don’t freak out this Wednesday, November 9 at 2pm EST where FEMA and the FCC will take over your television for a short time to exercise a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. I’m expecting the paranoid Teabaggers and anti-Obama people to freak out about this. But they’d also freak out if we didn’t do this too, so you can never placate those types. Anyway it’s just an exercise, a test to see if a nationwide notification system works so don’t freak out when Real Housewives is interrupted.

Here’s an interesting article from DC’s Washington Blade that brings up some good discussion about the “It Gets Better” YouTube anti-bullying campaign – has it jumped the shark? I don’t feel comfortable that towards the end of the trend that some organizations somehow felt they had to post a video because everyone else had posted one too. I’d rather watch a sincere first-person testimony instead of a fake, scripted, and ultimately insincere speech. What if the person on the video has no frikkin’ idea about how it gets better? The audience can detect a genuine sentiment over something an individual or organization felt obliged to perform. Read the article and the comments for more views on this topic.

Here is a new Dairy Queen commercial featuring my favorite ‘stached spokesMAN:

Depending on the weather, me and some friends may go beach camping at Assateague Island National Seashore this Veteran’s Day weekend. It is where the feral Chincoteague ponies roam, and the locale that inspired the favorite little girl’s book Misty of Chincoteague. I’ve camped there before and it’s very scenic, but let me tell ya those coastal mosquitoes are the worst I’ve ever encountered. They’re vicious and persistent blood-sucking monsters so we’ll be sure to bring the bug spray. I’ve been to Alaska, the Boundary Waters, and the Great Dismal Swamp and I must say the DelMarVa mosquitoes are the worst.

Stache Oct. 1. 2011Apparently my friend Patrick from Tucson won the mustache category at the National Beard and Mustache Championships in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this weekend, although I haven’t been able to find official results yet. The question is: will Patrick be representing the U.S. at the world competition next year in Austria? With a great ‘stache comes great responsibility, so we shall see.

BREAKING NEWS: Results of the 2011 National Beard and Moustache Championships from the New York Times.

I had planned on going to Lancaster but a wedding of my former neighbors in Shaw came up. I go birdwatching with the groom and take care of their kitties when they’re away sometimes. Thankfully it was in Arlington, but with the Green Line down this weekend for maintenance it was a challenge, especially in a suit. I dread the day a raise or promotion at work involves wearing a suit all the time. I don’t know if I can handle it. It feels like I’m wearing a parka, even in October. Why aren’t sarongs considered formal in the US?

Anyway my beard is returning and the ‘stache blending back in again. It got some interesting comments, mostly to the tune of “baw chikka-waw-waaaw…” I found myself overgrooming it often. A beard is actually easier to maintain in my opinion.

I had a nice three-day weekend, and spent much of Saturday on my bike. We had a bye weekend from rugby but I went down to the Mall to watch a match behind the Holocaust Museum in the shadow of the Washington Monument:
The soundtrack for the month comes courtesy of The Young Professionals, a group from Israel who have recently released their album 9:00 TO 17:00, 17:00 To Whenever. This is the group that released the fun hit D.I.S.C.O. this summer. The album as a whole is great, and I haven’t been this excited about an artist since Robyn. The album touches on themes about love, sex and the Internet, and disappointment – in that order. Totally hits my buttons, and I like almost every track on the album. It doesn’t hurt that Ivri is kind of adorkable as well. Here’s their latest release 20 Seconds:

I think it’s about sexual desperation on the Internet or something. I can relate. I hope they come to DC, but I would travel up to New York to see them.

Sept. 24 vs West PotomacSo I got to play some rugby on Saturday, albeit for the other side. This season we’re blessed with a wealth of players and also have enough players for a full starting and “B” side. Since I am old and bent and slow I play mostly on the B side with the new kids. When the match starts I usually keep to myself and focus on my own play, but this year I’m finding myself directing the new players here and there, surprised with myself that I have some suggestions to share once in a while.

The weather’s been gross and humid like a greenhouse lately, and the jersey I was wearing had been worn by a starting player in the previous match. You would think that would be kind of hot but by the time I put it on it was cold and clammy and possibly somewhat alive. I’m not that into mansmells that I found it appealing.

I had a few good moves, caught a ball on a lineout and ran with the ball for a bit. But my cardio may need some help if I am to play several matches in one day at Hellfest at the end of October. Either that or the muggy weather kept me down. I only lasted for about two 20-minute periods and I was ready to trade out after that.
Sept. 24 vs West Potomac
I have this great camera that I take pictures while birdwatching and at rugby matches but so many of them turn out blurry. I didn’t bring it to this match as I expected it to rain, so I used my Droid phone camera instead, and get no blurry effect and a perfect shot with one take:
Top photo by friend of Andre (also pictured), middle photo by Travis.

Rugby has been going well, and we have more than a few big woofy ruggers like Big Keithy on our team. Lately I’ve been playing on the ‘B’ side that consists mainly of new players and old men, but have been doing well for an old man if I must say so myself. I’m a bit slow for the back line so have “graduated” to the forward pack even though I am a wee lad at less than 170#. But I ruck well and have a bag full of dirty old man tricks to play on the newbies.

The Bs are going to the Dallas Diablos’ Hellfest over Halloween weekend. I really hope it’s cooler down there by then. I’m not looking forward to returning to summer. I know the Diablos are nothing to shake a stick at and it will be a challenging tournament for the Bs but a good opportunity for some bonding and all that. I hope to get lots of play time in!

Turkey LegPhoto at left taken by Darth Jersey at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. If I don’t have a roast turkey leg at least once a year I will die. But watch out for that mead (honey wine)! I had a bit too much of that stuff and the results are comparable to drinking too many wine coolers. Except I think mead has a higher alcohol content and way too much sugar. I was dehydrated as hell and quite a mess by the time I got home.

There was one person there with smoked steampunk goggles. Steampunk couture is totally inappropriate for Renassiance festivals. There was even a person with a platinum blond wig, elf ears and black makeup – clearly a dark elf on the premises! So I shouted the alarm to warn the others of the darkfey incursion and screamed “DROW!” I don’t know how she was walking about in the daylight. Must have been due to some dark pact.

Attendance was surprisingly low at the festival, which may have been due to the humid weather following a week of rain last week. It just started so maybe people are waiting for cooler weather. Not too many Renn Fest hotties to be seen either. I was hoping for a ranger or a rogue with a longsword and a beard like Matt Fijko: Corporate Trader.

THIS JUST IN, from Brightest Young Things: The Sluts of Rennfest.

I’m sure you all heard it was the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Sunday. Yes I remember it too but can’t find my poignant remembrance blog post about it. I think it was lost in the blog upgrades but I have it saved somewhere for personal reference. I don’t mean to sound insensitive but the media blowout was over the top this weekend and I avoided television which was a wise choice in hindsight. Contrary to what the pundits say, no I didn’t think the earthquake was a terrorist attack. I thought it was an earthquake or that somebody loaded the freight elevator too much. And while I used to wince when I saw a plane in the sky for a short time, now I just see a plane in the sky. We are resilient – let’s remember but also move forward.

Stinkhorn mushrooms came up in the bark mulch all around my work building this week. The purple stuff in the photo below is fallen crepe myrtle blossoms. The mushroom heads have guk on it that attracts flies, which help spread the mushroom spores. It rained all last week following a long dry summer, so there’s been mushrooms coming up all over the place since nothing really had a chance to decay all summer.