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I was out in Virginia wine country again this weekend for our final Dungeons & Dragons gaming session with the geek gang. ~sob!~ While we were there we went to the Hazzard Homecoming in Rappahannock Co., VA. I got to see a few of the stars of the show from a distance and several dozen replicas of the General Lee:
Git 'er done
The entry fee was steep, but offered the opportunity to get autographs from many of the actors from the show. But the lines were long and it was hot out and I was fine with seeeing the cars, but we did see Tom Wopat from a distance. Wopat is from Wisconsin fyi, as is this rarely bearded fellow, who is apparently Mitt Romney’s running mate for President: does not support flagrant use of the Confederate flag nor Paul Ryan for Vice-President. We only support his beard.

Sadly, American otter Nick Thoman was clean-shaven when he won the Silver in the 100-meter backstroke yesterday, but he has competed as an otter from time to time (click to embiggen):

And then listen to his voice:

More coverage on Nick over at Kenneth in the (212).

Thanks to boobob for this one (above).

Adorbs, even without the beard:


BREAKING: he has also worn the ‘stache, multiplying his hotness tenfold.

So the hot Aussie otter I’d been rooting for didn’t fare so well, probably because he shaved his beard and wonderful auburn chest fur. The facial hair gods punished him and cast him down for his shavecrimes.

Not quite as ottery but inspirational: Bulgarian rings champ Jordan Jovtchev is 39 and made it to the finals:

Go grampaw! Jokes aside, he is an inspiration.

So more moving thoughts: I will miss the Atlantic beaches of Rehoboth, Fire Island and Provincetown. I had lots of good memories there and grew to like the Atlantic. I know the coasts are rockier on the Pacific side, so where do the gays gather in the summer? I haven’t heard of a west coast equivalent of Provincetown, for example. Palm Springs?

The summer Olympics usually aren’t as woofy as the winter olympics, but there are still a few otters to watch out for, like Australian swimmer James Magnussen:
Seriously, are those eyes for real?
Click to embiggen this one:
Aussie Aussie Otter!

I came across this advertisement for Richmond Ham (U.K., not Virginia) featuring a cheeky singing otter. Video after the pic may not be safe for work:

I get this a lot on Scruff and in real time:
“Oooh I like your beard.”

I’m flattered and respond by saying, “Thanks!” but what I really want to say is:
“Thanks, I like beards too. SO WHERE THE HELL IS YOURS?”

Admittedly I am an avowed beardist and pogonophile, but I live in the worst place for beards in North America. I remain because I have a job and I like it, and DC as a whole isn’t bad either. But it’s a terrible place to live if you like beards, want to see more of them, and would like to date guys with decent beards. DC is the clean-cut capital of this continent. Austin, Portland and Toronto would be better places for me in that respect.

And I tend to hear this a lot in DC: “Oh I’d love to grow a beard but my boss/girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t like it.” Bullshit! They’ll learn to live with it, and I challenge anyone who says it’s against work policy to show me the document that says so. My coworkers get upset when I shave mine off because they’re used to it. Your friends, coworkers and loved ones will get used to it too.

I’ll accept the excuse that sometimes beards feel itchy for some people. I’m lucky in that mine doesn’t feel itchy like that. From what I understand it drives some people crazy. You people are forgiven for your lack of beard.

Now that we have a black president, I’d like to see us get back to a bearded president like in the good ‘ol days. We currently have no viable bearded candidates, but one can hope. Then maybe the guys in DC will grow decent beards again. Until that time I must suffer for lack of beards in the Nation’s Capitol.

Oh and by the way not shaving for 3 days in preparation for Otter Crossing at the Eagle doesn’t count. That is stubble and is not a beard.

For beard inspiration, visit for beard growing tips and success stories. And here are some other worthy beards you can aspire to:

Images can be removed at owner’s request, but if you’re one of the above guys and you contact me, I’d rather you ask me out on a date.

I had just returned and unpacked from my Tucson trip when an unexpected work trip took me to San Antonio, Texas. There wasn’t much time to explore but I got an afternoon off and visited the Alamo:
The Alamo
I never found the basement but the gardens in the Alamo plaza were pretty.

After having a big ‘ol margarita, I explored the River Walk for a bit:
River Walk, San Antonio
It was “Bring BrettCajun to work” that week in the office, and Brett and I posed for a picture:
grumpy coworker
Brett had difficulty with basic office functions, so we had him shred papers and sharpen pencils to keep him busy.

I didn’t see any roadrunners, but the coyote was catching up to me.
Coyote and me
Unpack, laundry and a brief rest on Friday, then it was off for a day of rugby at the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival. In addition to a rugby tournament, there’s bagpipe and drum judging, large men in kilts throwing heavy objects, and a great view of the Chesapeake Bay. There were other nice things to look at too:
There were other woofy creatures at the festival as well, including this humongous Irish Wolfhound:
Irish Wolfhound
Our starting side was in the finals for our local rugby union playoffs, and they got 3rd place which wasn’t bad. Our 2nd side played at Celtic Fest and didn’t do as good as we had in previous years but everyone got some time to play. Can you see the bagpiper in this photo?
Red Scrum
After working up a huge appetite playing in the matches, I got to have my semi-annual giant roast turkey leg:
Turkey Leg
Om nom nom…

fDeluxe (which consists of several members from The Family) performing “Gaslight” on Twin Cities Public television:

The Family originally recorded “Nothing Compares 2 U” with a male voice of lead singer St. Paul. The song was written by Prince, as were most of the tracks on their album. The other vocalist is Susannah Melvoin, Wendy’s twin sister.

Beardy rugby player David “The Wolfman” Williams for Coke Zero:

Did anyone catch Bradley Cooper’s sweet ‘stache at the Oscars?

Adorkable beardy guy with a great voice sings a moving arrangement of “Gabriel’s Message”

You may recall Sting’s version featured on the first “A Very Special Christmas” album released in 1987 as a benefit for the Special Olympics.

Of course I must repost my favorite holiday song “The Closing of the Year” from the “Toys” motion picture soundtrack by Wendy and Lisa featuring Seal:

A recent chat exchange on Scruff has inspired me to blog again!
It’s about big giant Sarlacc Pit bottoms and Star Destroyer tops.
The image below is an artist’s rendering of BrettCajun‘s gaping hole:
BrettCajun's gaping hole
The Sarlacc Pit was that big giant hole (see image above) with tentacles in Return of the Jedi that ate Boba Fett and almost got Luke Skywalker too. The Star Destroyer was first seen in the original Star Wars movie and one crashed on the Death Star, penetrating deep into its core.

So anyway I was chatting on the Scruff app with a guy in my neighborhood and I could see where the conversation was going very fast. Eventually as I expected he said, “I’m a ‘vers/bottom’, what are you?”

My immediate thought was “Why does it always have to come down to assfucking? Is this really the be-all end-all of gay existence?” I think I’m bored with the whole top/bottom dictomy and rhetoric. But I understand fucking and/or being fucked is the Alpha and Omega for many gay men. I don’t know about you but my sexual experience with men is more than just fucking.

Of course people like BrettCajun will respond to that with “Oh you’re just saying that because you’re a big huge nelly bottom.” Such people are the very type of folk who obsess over the whole top/bottom thing in the first place. Brett sees himself as the biggest Alpha top in the world, and everyone else is a meek fem bottom. Inevitably the more these people protest about them being a top and everyone else being a bottom, the more you understand what a big giant bottom they are in reality. Seriously, every time I’ve met a guy who makes a big point about being a top, he inevitably flips over and screams to be fucked. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I respect honesty and genuine intentions instead of some bizarre cognitive dissonance about sexual identity and role stereotypes. God that shit bores me to tears, no pun intended. I don’t mind fucking but just be honest about what you like. A dance or word game beforehand is tiresome.

Anyway, former blogger and former DC socialite TJ once told me that I was more “orally oriented,” which is pretty accurate. I really like to make out and do other things with my mouth. Safe assfucking in one direction or another can often come out of this but it isn’t a guaranteed endpoint with me. So when guys start immediately asking about what role I serve in the fucking process I roll my eyes. Isn’t it kind of fun exploring and finding out that role through a discovery process? Have you ever been surprised? Are we just generic labeled items with our titles in black Arial boldface with a white background?

I remember reading that Savage Love column (3rd part of this article) that cited stats supporting that I’m not alone in this line of thinking, even amongst the gay:

“Of all sexual behaviors that men reported occurring during their last sexual event, those involving the anus were the least common,” Joshua G. Rosenberger, one of the study’s authors, writes.

Basically it said not every gay is fixated on the whole top/bottom thing. But you wouldn’t think that was the case with so many guys so fixated on insertive/receptive roles and procedures.

Anyway, wanna make out?