My furry BF Ben says hi

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Oh hai I just wanted to announce that my boyfriend Ben Cohen has released yet another ~sigh~ beefcake calendar:
Jimbo's boyfriend Ben
He finally let the scruff grow out and has the promise of a decent beard too. He's such a wonderful proto-Bear, and we love it that he's totally shameless about it too.

OK I'm a bit more calmed down from the holiday stress but that work trip threw a wrench into things so close to the holiday season, and a week away made me feel like I had too much shit to catch up with. I still have too much shit going on, but it's manageable now.

On Monday I went to a marriage equality rally at the Kennedy Recreation Center to support our city council's vote on gay marriage, the “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009,” which was a success on Tuesday. But the fat lady hasn't sung yet - right now she's in her party dress getting ready for her feature performance. I think the city bill has to go through a 30 legislative day review period. If the bill passes review without congressional interference, the bill will become law and same-sex couples will be able to marry. However, one of the people on the DC overlord committee is a Mormon Republican prick from Utah. However he's a freshman and may get his ass kicked if he's a dick about it, so we'll see...
DC marriage equality rally
At-Large Independent DC Councilmember David Catania speaks at a marriage equality rally at the Kennedy Recreation Center on Monday, December 14, 2009.

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brettcajun said:


Forgive me for thinking this, but your latest blog posts suggest that you are indeed IN HEAT. :P You horndog! May Santa deliver you nothing but big packages and stuff your stockings with something good. I hear Pocket Meauxs are the latest rage! ;)

homer said:

That Mormon son-of-a-bitch should shut the fuck up.

brent said:

Do Ben's nipples look... chafed, or something? And by something, I mean given recent manual-and/or-oral attention.

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