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Rock Art 3Vacation: FAIL. Can we do the past week over again? I did manage to have a nice hike in the Valley of Fire (photos interspersed between rants and rambling paragraphs) with some teammates on Friday, and later that night a few of us enjoyed the LE RÊVE aquatic spectacular at the Wynn Las Vegas, but when I returned to my hotel after the show I got hit with a bad case of the chills, followed by alternating fever and cold sweats for the rest of the evening. Skip the Evil Veterinarian thinks it was food poisoning, but the congestion in my head and full-body soreness makes me think it was the flu that had me in bed all day Saturday. So I missed the match that we had all gone there to do, which they won without me.

Thankfully I was rested up enough to travel back in moderate health by Sunday, but managed to leave my wallet somewhere at the Denver Airport. It still hasn't turned up but at least nothing was charged on my cards. I'm now in the process of replacing everything that was in the wallet, including my work/government credit card, the lack of which has complicated planning for an upcoming work trip to Kansas City. So it's been a crappy week.
Valley of Fire 5
Having had the flu on vacation reminded me that the states I traveled through were both featured as the final battlegrounds in Stephen King's 'The Stand'. Anyway, we stayed in the craptastic (but affordable) Tropicana, which I don't recommend at least until they complete their renovations and temporal updates to pull their building out of the late '60s. The hotel currently hosts Wayne Newton and 'Let's Make a Deal' weekly filming.

My thoughts on Vegas are that it is an amazing place and the main strip is a marketing wonder of the world designed to suck every penny out of your pocket. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and if you like gambling it's a fun place. But I simply don't get gambling. I tried slots and Blackjack but I still don't get it. Why aren't these gambling people satisfied playing World of Warcraft? I'm just not designed for Vegas, but I did like the climate. The breeders on the team had a great time though, as I believe Vegas is the heterosexual capitol of the world. Here is a photo of several aforementioned heterosexuals, and one homosexual. Can you spot the homo?
Valley of Fire badasses
I must highlight my super-homotastic skills of observation at the LE RÊVE show, where I noticed the appearance of a character during the performance who just didn't seem to fit into the obtuse storyline. I said to my neighbors "OMG that's Kelly Ripa!" and they all nodded their heads to keep me quiet. "Calm yourself, excitable homo," they probably thought to themselves. But when I got home I did a little research and found out that she was in Vegas filming a few Regis and Kelly episodes that weekend, and Kelly had indeed made a cameo at the show. Do not doubt the ultra-keen combination of my laser-enhanced vision and entertainment knowledge ever again!

The trailer for Real World DC is out. I hate myself for wanting to watch some of it.

We had quite the gayla this week at the White House, and everyone is aware that David Geffen's 24 year-old boyfriend is kinda hot. But when can we stop calling Gayle King "Oprah's Best Friend"?

From BooBob: Austin based singer/songwriter Bob Schneider is this week's Hot Bearded Talented Guy of the Week:
Is there lust after Favre? Apparently so in Aaron Rodgers, who is much more of a facial hair chameleon than that other guy ever was.

Bear and nerd hygene: brush your teeth like a Spartan & get geeky-clean with some d20 designer soap.

Two excellent covers this week, a very sweet twist on Cece Peniston's 'Finally', and an incredible 'Muppet cover of Bohemian Rhapsody'. My favorite part is Janice's kick ass guitar solo.

Urban "foodies" are now making hunting hip. I think it's more of the gun being a hipster accessory than anything. But whatever it takes to get people to appreciate the outdoors and our connection with nature.

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Jim (The Canuck One) said:

How was MY week? Oh, let's see. Gall bladder attack Tuesday PM and Thursday PM - back to the ER Fri morning with another.

Doc sez: "We're cutting that thing out TODAY!"
Surgeon sez: "Hold on, there. He's got a stone blockage to fix first - See? His eyes have gone YELLOW!"

Friday PM - stone removal
Saturday PM - gall bladder removed (laparoscopic, thanks!)
Sunday PM - home.

I'm taking the bandages that "shield" the steristrips from sight off tonight - pray for me cuz I'm a bug gurl when it's my own wounds.

Kelly Stern said:

Have a great Turkey Day!!!!

homer said:

Mr. Schneider has a passing resemblance to my future ex-bf Ryan Reynolds, dontcha think?

HSimpson said:

Well it's just obvious. The homo-sexual is the one who is wearing sunscreen!

Dennis K (Irishmutt2009) said:

What did you think of La Reve? I took my daughter to see it for Christmas a couple years ago. We thought it was amazing.

Anybody have a good WoW guide? I found this WoW guide on youtube. It looks good, claims 50 gold or more per hour.

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