March this Sunday or stay home and fondle your iPhone all day

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nem_banner_150X200_Web.jpgThis coming weekend might end up being gayer than my Donna Summer/Fire Island weekend, as there will be the super-gay National Equality March weekend events to contend with. We will host our fall homecoming rugby match at 1pm Saturday on the field behind the National Holocaust Museum. All that will be followed by Kylie Minogue live in concert on Monday in NYC. How much gay can I handle? We may never know, because I'll be taking the bus up to NYC on the day of the march so I will miss the actual march. I've made the last three marches in DC so I think I'm allowed a break. Plus I secured the ticket for this concert long before news of the march came out.

Kylie wins out, but best wishes to the marchers and haste to legislation in our favor. Full plate my ass - Obama get to work doing what I voted for you to get done, or else I vote for no one next time and the Republicans will win. Is that what you want? No repeal of DADT, then no vote and certainly no money. I don't give a shit if you're speaking at an HRC dinner. Speech is immaterial, legislation secures my rights. I want more the latter and less of the former. "Blah blah blah I support your community blah blah blah we should all be equal blah blah blah." STFU with your empty platitudes and lift the stupid ban on gays in the military for starters. Then work from there, it's quite simple. I've been out since 1990 and have heard your crap before and gay is not as grey as you think it is. It's a black and white issue and you are either for or against me. Right now with your inaction on issues important to me as far as I'm concerned you're against me.

There will be a Blowoff Saturday night at the 9:30 Club and Taint Sunday night at DC9. But there's also Homo/Sonic at the Black Cat that day as well. So how is an alterna-fag supposed to choose? It is recommended that the Urban Outfitters homos go to Taint while the Indie Rock and Hipster homos go to H/S at the Black Cat. You are not allowed to go anywhere else on Sunday night unless you are in a different category. Or you can stay home and fondle your iPhone on Grindr all night if you like because if you go out and fondle your iPhone in public you might as well have just stayed home.

If I were a DJ or a VJ here is what would be spinning at my club all week: The Loco-motion, I Should Be So Lucky, What Do I Have To Do, Dancing Queen at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Come Into My World (Kylie as Queen of the Cybermen), Your Disco Needs You, Especially for You with Kermit the Frog, Wow (CSS Remix), Love at First Sight, and Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix).

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brettcajun said:


I agree with everything you said about Obama. GIVE US ACTION -- NOT PLATITUDES!

About iPhones/Grindr... just threaten to start throwing peoples iPhone if they dare use it. That'll get them to tuck away their precious.

Trey said:

I'm missing the march to go to Disney. Isn't that gay enough? And I also had made these plans before the march was announced. You're going to love the Kylie concert. She seriously rocks the house. The only song I didn't hear that I *really* wanted her to sing was "On A Night Like This". Sort of my coming out song. Have a blast in this weekend.

I got 'cha beat.
I'll do the march on Sunday in DC (leaving NYC early AM).
Then I'm doing Kylie on Tuesday in NYC!

That makes me even gayer than you, not to mention I have an iPhone (without GRINDR).

I win!

401a Author Profile Page said:

The way you rant about iPhones in such away... Me thinks you secretly want one. It's kind of like those guys who are so homophobic, but realty they are gay and can't deal with. Is there such a thing as iPhonephobic? If so, you need to be studied more closely. ;)

Ray said:

Everything you said about Obama came true. I watched the speech here on CNN. Bunch of crap. No time line on DADT or DOMA.

And you know what, I'm no longer supporting the HRC. They aren't working hard for our community anymore. They're too caught up in the political system to get anything done.

Tim said:

The speech was really depressing, i actually felt worse after hearing it because in political terms it had zero definitives and that means zero political capital and zero political movement. that and he pointedly ignored Maine and Washington, meaning he wasn't going to help at all in any way and that we were on our own.

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