she's coming...

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This blog entry is dedicated to my curmudgeonly friend Rob "Big Rob" Conner, who claims he doesn't know who Kylie Minogue is. I mean really...if you live on the Pacific Rim surely you feel the tremors of fabulousness coming from Down Under, right? It's all coming from HER...
OMG Kylie
Kylie: The Exhibition
black dress
"X" release party @ Omega, 4/5/2008
Sexy Darling

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Brent said:

Well, thanks a LOT, 'cuz now I just "Can't Get [Kylie] Out of My Head" (Razormaid version, of course, since I love New Order so much). La la la, la-la la la-la, la la la...

She's an incredible live performer; have you seen her in concert?

homer said:

I confess, I am not a big fan...

Trey said:

In Vegas. Seeing her show tomorrow night. Completely, totally psyched! It's all about "On a Night Like This"!

SeanMT said:

Yeah, she's the one from the Black Hole Peas or whatever they're called, right? She sings that song about Humping, or her Humps, or something. She's great, I love her stuff.

steve said:

Never heard of her either, though I am 43.

cb said:

wow... she's TOTALLY copying Lady Gaga!

jimbo Author Profile Page said:

Kylie's earliest hits in the U.S. were "The Loco-Motion" and "I Should Be So Lucky" (1987), so she's been around for a while. Although most of her hits were more popular elsewhere. She's sort of the Madonna for the rest of the globe, except more relevant.

JImbo, I think they were joking (at least I am hoping they were feigning ignorance)

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