covered by the blood of my enemies and the smell of man

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RossFord.jpgDon't forget the Renegades will start play at 1pm this Saturday on the field behind the National Holocaust Museum versus our pals from North Bay, alumni, whores and fans are encouraged to come to this set of matches. There will be a b-side match featuring moi (starting around 2:20pmish) and possibly some visitors in town for the National Equality March. It should be a good day for rugby at a unique pitch with fantastic scenery on and off the field. Keep in mind there will be no Green Line service at L'Enfant Plaza that day due to track maintenance, so plan your travel accordingly. Perhaps the 14th Street bus line might work better.

This week there was a very nice feature article, photo gallery and video in the Washington Post about the Baltimore Washington Eagles Australian Rules Football Club. Aussie rules is nearly a different game than the rugby I play. I was once told by my coach that I should not even watch Aussie Rules rugby as it will confuse my rugby league technique. Anyhow the article was part V in a nice series on "Our Lives Through Sport: A Look at How the Games Played by Washington Residents Help Define Our Region."

I've only begun to scratch the surface of the very Twitter-friendly rugby community, but came across this gem of a desktop image associated with U.S.A. Sevens rugby. Best rugby blog/site name ever? Scrum of the Earth.

Rugby-friendly Ximena Hartsock was rejected from the D.C. parks and recreation director position this week by a sad coalition of racist and sexist city council members playing games with the mayor. Certain council members who should know better raised concerns that she would form a Latino-only coalition of recreation interests, among several ugly accusations. Basically we need to send the eternal victimist Marion Barry back in time to the late 1960s where he can whine and moan and be a hypocrite all he wants. The only games being played should be on the diamonds, fields and pitches in this city, and not in that council chamber on this particular topic. Hartsock understands this city's recreation needs and her rejection from the position is a tragic loss to the kids and players in this city To date she has been the acting director of the DCPR and has been doing a good job. But the city council does not reward efficiency or good work. It only opens its ugly, rotten mouth to spout vile statements and waste time. The only loser in this match are the residents and taxpayers of the District of Columbia.

D.C. United bares all, including a clipped and shorn Ben Olsen. Ben, why'd you have to do that? Goddammit you can't find decent fully grown pelt in this clean-cut town. I'm starving for fur.

Was it murder or an accident at the 14th Street "Pee Palace"? It sounds like it coulda been a poppers-induced fall down a steep flight of stairs. These narrow DC rowhouses have very narrow and steep stairs. Or he slipped on a puddle of cum.

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Jonathan from Australia said:

You would be in some strife if you described Aussie Rules as Aussie Rules Rugby in Australia lol I think most Australians would considered them totally different games. In Australia you are either a rugby league man or an Australian rules man usually depending on which state you grew up in.

Toby said:

I noticed a few thing that made me chuckle about the Aussie Rules:
a) The use of a Burley football - Sherrin are the official suppliers to the Australian Football League ( - Burley-Sekem make footy apparel as well as footies,
b) I hate the Eagles (West Coast Eagles),
c) I hate the Magpies (Collingwood) or in this case NY more than The West Coast Eagles, and,
d) To describe Australian (Rules) Football as similar to Rugby (Union or League) is like calling Kylie Minogue similar to that one-hit-wonder “Marilyn” (“Calling Your Name”). Argh!

From the 2000 census, Australian Football was by far the most popular football code in Australia with 443,978 registered participants (and growing to over an est. 550,000 in 2009) with over 7 million people or over a third of the population of Australia- more than double that of it’s rival code, Rugby League, attending the games.
Imagine if a third of the US pop. attended games of NFL games? (The NFL in 2008 had an attendance of approximately 10.6% of the US population).

I hope you win your battles inside the council chambers as well on a decent Rugger field.

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