brutal beating on 400 block of Q Sunday at 4am

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There was a brutal beating on the 400 block of Q Street, NW early Sunday morning around 4am. As of Monday morning you could still see a congealed puddle of blood in front of 426 Q (not a suspect property), and blood on the pointy granite stones of the fence in front of the homes:
manhole cover in front of 426 Q
Fortunately I was still in the mountains camping, but neighbors say early Sunday morning they were woken up to the sound of curses, shouts and the dull thuds of a man being beaten, but it was difficult for the neighbors to see who the attackers were. Saturday night and into early Sunday morning, the usual gang was out partying on the western half of the block.
Bloody Rock in front of 426 Q
We don't know who the victim was, but according to neighbor reports from the shouts of the attackers he was not from our block. After the commotion, EMT and DC police arrived, who later reported a man was assaulted during a robbery in which his wallet was taken. The victim suffered a laceration to his head and is expected to recover. Regardless, it was a violent altercation in the early hours following a very festive night on the western end of the 400 block of Q.

Some neighbors fear the victim's friends might be back for retaliation. Hopefully the officials that we contacted and hope are on the case can prevent further violence from occurring again. It all went down three doors down from my place - what a thing to come home to after having such a nice weekend in the mountains.

If anyone has information about this assault, please contact the DC Metropolitan Police Department at (202) 727-9099.

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Randy said:

Wow, be safe... may it get resolved quickly! Only 3 doors down? I went through that on N. Bolton St. in Balto where there was gunfire, screaming and violence about every week. You can only deal with that kind of stress for so long. Hope the authorities are on it.

Kevin M said:

I hope you can get out of there soon - even if you do have to suck it up and pay more than you want in rent. Peace of mind (and safety of body) are sometimes the most important things you can purchase.

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