what would jimbo do?

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Wednesday Woof: the facial hair worn by the Cal State Fullerton baseball team categorized by facial hair type.

Bug Girl outlines the bizarre ongoing kerfuffle from the agrochem industry over the new White House organic garden. The spin/pitch from the agrochem lobby is so retarded and difficult to rationalize (amateur effort) I suspect they put a bunch of chemists in charge of the public affairs and marketing department. Bad move, people. Public affairs is not beginner's voodoo, and obviously not just anyone can pull it off. But it is clear you've hired a bunch of 'tards for the task. Get offa Michelle's case and hire some real communications specialists, you cheap chemmy bastards.

Anyway, ever the even-keeled invertebrate pundit, Bug Girl offers some insight:

"There are lots of benefits to eating locally grown food, and we all could benefit by eating healthier, less processed food. It’s not a black/white, death/life dichotomy. Organic is not our savior, and Pesticides are not Satan."
LithophaneLeeae.jpgGay Pride Bug News: a new pink moth has been discovered in Arizona. Are they sure it wasn't Homer in his Sugar Plum Fairy costume? Pictures of the official 2009 Gay Pride Moth here.

From the comment section in a Dan Savage piece:

"The year 2009: Straight people want no strings sex, and gay people want to get married."
Word. TJ documents yet another tale of typical jimbo righteousness and indignation in the face of social wrongs at the end of this entry. The Lettuce Nazi part is funny too, but I'm telling you it's not just me. My brother and several of my friends from Wisconsin "get that way" when someone is doing something "wrong" in our eyes. It's just how we roll where I'm from. Besides, how would they know they are wrong if nobody calls them out on it? I'm doing society a favor.

Anyhow, I still enjoyed the film, and highly recommend Drag Me To Hell, just not at Gallery Place or Union Station movie theatres. The movie features a good story and great performances from all the actors.

Last night at a birthday dinner, a friend mentioned he had a "W.W.J.D.?" moment the other day. "WWJD?" stands for "What Would Jimbo Do?" at a moment in your life that could possibly call for public righteousness. In his case, he noticed someone had left their HRC umbrella at the door of a gay establishment. Considering my HRC rant the other day, you could predict I would do one of the following:

  1. Exclaim loudly to the entire establishment that some douche bag left their HRC unbrella by the door.
  2. Lie in wait near the door and castigate the owner when he/she returns.
  3. Vandalize it / throw it in the trash.
  4. Take a cell phone picture of it and send it to Twitter with a snarky remark.
And the real answer is: none of the above! Especially if it was a really nice big golf umbrella and it was raining outside at the moment. See, the douche already bought the umbrella at the HRC store or got it with his membership, so the damage is done. His money has already gone to the production of an umbrella and/or to outrageous overhead costs instead of to direct activist action or social change. My first impulse would be to steal his umbrella if it was still there at the end of the night, since it's raining out and I like big umbrellas. But then the guy would probably just buy another umbrella anyway I suppose. So unlike what most people think, I'm Chaotic Good as opposed to Lawful Good, a Ranger instead of a Paladin as most would assume.

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Lee said:

More like Cobban's fault with the moth; he's closer to the Chiracahuas.

DougT said:

Cool moth. I've been getting emails about it from all over. Last summer, I ran into the moth's discoverer while blacklighting at Box Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains.

brettcajun said:

The #1 ranked LSU TIGERS will win the College World Series this year. Cal State (even with facial hair) has no chance in Omaha. Grr...

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