vintage poultry obsession

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The Beltsville Small White turkeyMy neighbor Mari is obsessed with chickens, and I think she really, really wants a chicken coop in the city. But in many cities having chickens is illegal, but so is pot smoking or sales and distribution, or tax evasion, or illegal squatting, all of which happen on my block on a daily basis and neither the city nor the cops don't do a thing about it so the authorities can suck it! I'm gonna start setting up a poultry facility or an aquaculture farm some day soon. I call for CHICKEN ANARCHY IN THE CITY!

I am still obsessed with Homer's chicken, named Henny-Penny. BrettCajun is another blogger with chickens, but you don't often see pictures of his chickens because that would take up valuable blogging space of Brett pictures, of which there are many on his blog.

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A fascinating article from The City Paper about our very own Beltsville Small White turkey, the progenitor of most of today's turkey stock. This special bird is apparently a world poultry heritage line that people are trying to preserve.

This is a tilapia, which can also be grown for food:
It looks like it will be a very quiet weekend for me, with the exception of Blowoff on Saturday night. Everyone is out of town, not that my phone was ringin' when they were in town...I am getting tired of communicating with people solely through Facebook. We have voices people, let's use them and the fingers Zod gave us to dial the frikkin' phone!


brettcajun said:

I just did a video showing my COCK (rooster) on my blog. The hens are typically only shown when one dies and there is a big Evita-like funeral procession. As for showing too many pics of myself on my blog, I am getting OLD. I am in a race against time to put as many pics of myself as I possibly can before I turn old and trollish. I'll be 39 in June. :(

Mari said:

Let's have poultry as a form of civil protest.

Mel said:

We're going into co-ownership on some chickens with the neighbors, but that's hardly controversial in our little village. Well, I suppose it could be if some of the chicks turn out to be roosters, but I expect those will find their way into a stew pot fairly quickly.

Herb said:

I'm all for chicken anarchy. Where do we sign up?

I grew up next to chicken coops way up in NH.
They stink and are gross.
Trust me you want them on a farm.

homer said:

Henny-Penny is busy eating supper right now- she looked in the window to alert me that she was hungry.

Luther said:

Jimbo, In my neighborhood, chickens would be red fox food! Yes, in the last few weeks there have been red and grey fox coming to my bird and critter feeding area. DC certainly has lots of wild critters!

An ex and I had a farm with chickens, among other animals. The goats were the most fun. They had distinct personalities and would look you square in the eye. I still miss "my girls." (The males were smelly, mean bastards. If I were a goat, I would totally be a lesbian.) My Pop Pop often spoke fondly of the chickens and guinea fowl he raised when he was a boy, especially the little bantam hens who would perch on him.

sean said:

i can hear the 6 chickens clucking away in my neighbour's backyard here in brooklyn right now. and friends of mine in SF are debating getting chickens. it's becoming popular!

Tony said:

Flannery O'Connor was obsessed with chickens and other fowl. She had ducks and peacocks. The new Brad Gooch bio of her is very good.