Seafood! Nom, nom, nommmmm...

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I hope everyone had a nice Easter brunch yesterday:
Seafood! Nom, nom, nommmmm....
This little one has the wisdom that will help you stay out of such predicaments:

Hopefully that poor polar bear won't have to clear out his colon after the incident.

The intruder is apparently not the first human to have wandered into this polar bear enclosure, and human incursions into animal space at zoos happen all over the world. Some of the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act include ensuring the safe separation of humans from animals for the sake of the animals, because humans obviously don't know any better. I mean, what kind of zoonotic diseases has this poor bear been exposed to?

Seriously though, with humans becoming more and more separated from wildlife and nature due to the spread of urban/suburbanization, these stupid incidents will continue to happen. Most people think animals are cute and furry and that we can somehow establish a spiritual connection with animals. On the contrary, animals indeed want to establish a vital connection - between you and their stomach.

Anyway, here's a great story about a gay organization that achieved its goals and closed up shop.

"If the gay community truly wants to achieve equality, it will have to overcome a victim mindset that is slowly becoming obsolete."

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Bob said:

A few years ago I saw a news story about a rural dumping-site that was popular with foraging grizzlies. People were always going to the site to take photos. One of the local law officers said they did have problems with people getting too close. Once they had to stop a man with a camera who was about to place a toddler on the back of a bear!

SeanMT said:

I have to say I disagree with the fine lad in the video, completely and whole heartedly. We've lived outside the bounds of evolution for too long as it is. If stupid people want to jump into cages with animals who will eat them, all the more power to them!! Let's just hope they do it young so they have not yet spread their genes into the pool. It's merely natural selection at work. Let nature take its course I say. I'm sure the bears wouldn't mind!

brettcajun said:

That colonix website was GROSS!!! YUCK! You made me SO NOT HUNGRY.

phil said:

My first reaction was , yea go bear ! But without sounding holier than thou , what if the woman in the picture suffered from a mental illness and did not fully realise what she was doing ?
Is this just another case of judging the book by the cover ?
If the answer to the first question is yes , then this opens up a new can of worms entirely , full of 'what', 'why' and 'how' .
Think about it !

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